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Jul 04, 2019

Have Everything Reveal: Part 2.

"The mystery is a metaphor for who I am, or who was at the time of creating the project ... I feel like oftentimes we do not like to be open as people about our emotions or things that we are going through.'’ These are some words that our well-known H.E.R. said for an article in Blavity. Always wrapped in a mysterious halo, the no longer so anonymous artist and composer used her EPs to show us little by little her world, which was shown encrypted. It seemed that, like many young people, the singer had raised a series of defensive walls to protect her intimacy. And many of us know that those walls, once built, are difficult to tear down. As she showed her many abilities, she also opened her heart to us, in a kind of emotional joke. With I used to know her: The prelude, we met a straightforward H.E.R. , that dared to experiment with light electronic rhythms that merged with the neosoul of yesteryears. The singer, who presented herself as a modern Lauryn Hill, gracefully slipped her voice between rap and soul while echoing the social injustices that she and the women lived. With Part 2, the continuation of I used to know her, the singer returns to her origins in an improved way, seeking the correct natural evolution of her sounds, while combining her essence with real instruments, creating more personal and moving sounds, which fit perfectly in her style. Wilson continues with the game of giving us small gifts and surprises about her facet as an artist and person, this time, focusing more on herself, offering a more melancholic and introspective project, giving an idea of ​​the artist's mind. The puzzle is almost complete, we already know who the physical person of H.E.R. is, but we don’t know 100% who she is, who thinks, who feels. With Part 2, the singer helps us to put the last pieces of her own puzzle. The message is clear: she is increasingly prepared to rebel against everything.

Written by @FerSP from Fernando Sempere
Jun 28, 2019

Have Everything Reveal: Part 1.

It may be that the title is not familiar, but this phrase that invites the exhibition, to tell a truth, to show everything…, is the acronym that hides the name of the young and brilliant H.E.R., an artist who devotes herself body and soul to the R&B. Totally contrary to the way in which this singer has shown herself to the world, always in the background and in the least anonymous way, her name also finds within herself a meaning of great proportions: the key and the strategy that Gabi Wilson (real name of the artist) continues to present her world through her music. The young, natural from Vallejo, has chosen the formula of anonymity to show herself to the world little by little, always wrapped in a halo of mystery guided by her voice. Following the example of other singers like Sia or Daft Punk, she has left aside the image, and has focused totally on the music and her sound. Wilson appeared in the music scene timidly, in 2016, presenting a series of EPs, H.E.R. Volume 1 and H.E.R. Volume 2 together with H.E.R. Volume 2, The B Sides, recognized on the compilation album of H.E.R., which made critics and public fall in love with their classic, slow and soft R&B sounds. H.E.R. seems to have grown in another time, she could perfectly have been the quiet and calm colleague of the more R&B Janet Jackson, in her The velvet rope era. The R&B reborn as a phoenix a few years ago, and now lives in a small golden age influenced by the glory of the 90s, when this genre dominated the American charts. Today, promising young people like H.E.R., Jorja Smith or Ella Mai, who was born for those times, experienced an exquisite taste for these sounds, and new meanings flourish and reinvent them with mastery and quality. Our protagonist says that she has had an interest for this genre and other themes of yesteryear since childhood, thanks, above all, to her father, a musician by profession. He introduced her in the music world and now she knows how to play up to five instruments and already with only 12, she dazzled with her talent in the American tv program Today Show, where she performed with mastery a piano version of ''If I ain’t got you'' by Alicia Keys. Now, and honoring what her name encloses, she gradually reveals her personality, her essence and what she is capable of with I used to know her: The prelude and I used to know her: Part 2 (about which we will speak in the following narrative). Both EPs released in the second half of 2018, served as a delicious appetizer of what is yet to come when, finally, her debut album is released.

Written by @FerSP from Fernando Sempere
Jun 28, 2019

H.E.R. Has Carved a Mystifying & Numbing R&B Lane of her Own with Vol. 2, The B Sides Through Deepness, Romance, & Self-Resolved Inquiry.

I have to admit that H.E.R. is one emerging artist within the last decade to be as interesting as she is with the music, her sound, the mystery in her name. Additionally, H.E.R. rides the beats and the production its completely crazy especially since she popped up on the scene in 2016 with this new mystifying nuance. She told the LA Times, “The mystery is a metaphor for who I am, or who I was at the time of creating the project,” also adding “I am a voice for women who feel like they[‘re alone in these situations. This project came from emotion, and that’s what I want to be about.” I’m telling you this was just so perfect to me when I discovered it about H.E.R. because I feel like I love my artist when for the most part that have that figured out about themselves and what their aiming for with their power and voice. Her real name is Gabriella Wilson and she is now a Grammy Award winning singer for Best R&B Performance and Best R&B Album and clearly as she should be after being nominated for 5 Grammys. In Vol. 2, The B Sides which is also Executive Produced by Harris and Swagg R’Celious, a lot of her music its sounds as though H.E.R. has a peculiar formula and I’m just so in love with it and the effect that it puts in the atmosphere. Also this is an artist that is delivering so much comfortability into the microphone giving Vol. 2, The B Sides the ultimate smooth, uber locomotion within the album that just eases your mind and lets H.E.R. take the wheel. Love is what makes the world go around and H.E.R. does a great deal at turning it with this album and the Love themes she soothes so well into with her views and her expressions. Vol. 2, The B Sides follows up Volume 1 that she released in September of 2016 which saw H.E.R. appear in many Top 5 & Top 10 roundups across a wide array of publications including NPR, Rolling Stone, and even Forbes. Supposedly Volume 1 had been streamed on Spotify over 20 million times and 65 million on all other music streaming providers all around the world.

Written by @cbenson from Cyclolore

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