Feb 01, 2019

Eric Church Explores The Darker Side Of Country With Desperate Man

If you been paying even the slightest bit of attention to the Country music world in 2018, you’ll notice there’s been a massive uptick of vintage Americana-inspired releases from acts like Chris Stapleton, Midland & more, shunning the gaudy, formulaic Pop – not even good enough to be considered Country Pop – that has permeated the scene for the last five or six years now & replacing it with nothing but pure, unadulterated melodic charisma you can really get behind; Red Dirt, Outlaw, Blues & Southern Soul styles are all making their triumphant return to the mainstream, bringing with them spectacular new albums chock-full of wonderfully expressive analog instrumentation & heartfelt narratives that say more than the usual “I’m so sad I think I might just drink myself under the table down at the local saloon” – With his latest album Desperate Man, Eric Church takes this aesthetic even further, focusing on the humbling one-man-show vibes of the drifting singer-songwriter, effortlessly capturing the depression, recklessness & sensitivity of eighties-era Country music better with more efficacy than nearly all of his contemporaries, even the ones who’ve been running the show long before Church ever came along in the first place. What you get is a collection of wholesome tunes that bleed personality & sound unlike anything you’d typically hear on the radio, rekindling the passion of Country music without alienating modern listeners who’ve already written-off the aging genre as a niche style once again.

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