Jul 04, 2019

Eminem Dropped A Surprise Album, This Was Very Unexpected.

I don’t judge people on what they say or their opinions. I judge people based on the effect they have on others. When Eminem says anything, the world stops. He grew a beard and it made actual news – A lot of people say Eminem is the best rapper of alive. I don’t agree with those people, but they have a legitimate argument. Saying Eminem is the best rapper alive is understandable, but lazy. Rappers are weird because they don’t age like Athletes as much as they age like wrestlers. As long as the charisma is still there their character can still be believable. So with that said Eminem is like the Stone Cold Steve Austin of Rap, he was amazing at his peak but to call him the best wrestler today wouldn’t be fair to AJ Styles or Seth Rollins. If that analogy is too nerdy, Eminem is like The Simpsons of Rap, great at their peak, but calling it the best show on TV in 2019 is insane. This is why it’s so frustrating to have real conversations about Eminem because his legacy outshines his current state. Plus, I’m almost 80 percent sure Eminem fans aren’t rap fans because the things they love about him today aren’t what make rap good. “Oh he rhymes words really fast” “ok but what was the song about” “DID YOU SEE HOW MANY WORDS HE RHYMED” “but I don’t know what he’s talking abo-“ “HE CAN RHYME ANYTHING, HE RHYMED THE WORD ORANGE, HE’S KEEPING HIPHOP AL-” you get the picture. It’s tiring. So with that said let’s get into the surprise album Kamikaze

Jul 04, 2019

Eminem Proves that No Age can Define His Will to Defend His Own Crashing Into Any & Everybody.

It's simply so natural to ridicule the modern-day rappers. The face tattoos, the styrofoam glasses, the gibberish promotion bars, the fantasy mumbled streams—SNL sent up the look, Jay-Z blueprint the sound and now, Eminem commits quite a bit of his own unexpected rendition with the album Kamikaze to bringing down the way of life. Any semblance of Migos and Lil Pump are to this 45-year-old ‘reckless’ rapper, what kid groups and Britney Spears were to him very nearly two decades prior: focuses for his vile as well as multifaceted tirades, yet in addition implies through which Eminem can catch for eye and contention. In reality, however, the outrage he heaves against 2018's young stars is of an unexpected sort in comparison to it was in the TRL period. Eminem appears to be really distraught, undermined, and harmed, as opposed to just trolling. That is on account of Eminem's December 2017 collection Revival, regardless of appearing at No. 1 on the Hot 200, neglected to produce hits, discussion and enduring deals. While that record was foreboding and sprawling, Kamikaze is super strong and fast “pyumm” Eminem would personify it as. Also, as opposed to imagining not to be annoyed by Revival's gathering, he's made a collection length Downfall-style freak-out, venting about the specialists who've taken his spot, offending the pundits who don't give him his due, grieving his own particular sentiments of decay, and pre-empting feedback that the greater part of this is a beautiful masturbatory activity.

Written by @cbenson from Cyclolore

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