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Ellie Goulding


Jun 28, 2019

Ellie Goulding’s Delirium is A Go-To Pop Album for A Whirlwind of Fun, Positivity, Light, Love, with a Touch of Euphoria.

Delirium is one of those albums that is just never going to be irrelevant, it just screams to play it no matter the passing of time when you see that sky blue and her wind embracing stance underneath all that fur. Additionally, considering how beautiful Ellie Goulding’s vocals are along with that, with or without the productional boost, they soar, and just sound so angelic with a touch of an R&B resonating feminine type of handsomeness that many people may identify as super distinctive but there’s something understating about that adjective when it comes to Ellie. Ellie Goulding can get you right in the heart affecting you right while you’re in the middle of dancing through the airy beats & pop songs and through the whirlwind of how the album burns through Ellie Goulding’s version of epic ‘Pop’. I guess her inexperience in this album would come from the fact that she is in new territory with Delirium genre wise as she’s abandoned her previous niche similar to Taylor Swift shifting from the Country style, “I know there’s nothing I can do to make you stay, the one thing I know that will always remain is the aftertaste.” In this line that precedes the opening track “Aftertaste” where Ellie Goulding is declaring her inability to control others loyalty through the development and unexpected turns she decides to take, while also signifying that the grounds in which she progresses and rises from will always remain as an ‘Aftertaste.’ This is something that I just love coming right out the gate of the album because it makes me feel powerful, unapologetic, and like I’m growing. I really believe she achieved it the songs all have an absolute absorbable message that sticks with me that I live through the lens of like a significant prescription in the pair of glasses of reality whether its life, love, and/ or even your artful craft. For instance, like the fifteenth track “Devotion” that is a self-explanatory title yet is so euphoric & resembles folk and techno club but evokes love and strength at the same time. The effort of the production that went into the creativity that Delirium unleashes for me has always been like an enchanted cup of healing herbal flowers like melodic waves that choreographically mix, swish and swirling right down.

Written by @cbenson from Cyclolore
Jun 03, 2019

Ellie Goulding displays her talent as she made a hit album from an experiment she did on pop music.

Delirium is Goulding’s third studio album. The album is a shift from her other art forms: folk music and electronic dance music to the world of pop. According to Ellie, she made this move in order to move her music to the next level. Now, this is an artist whose first two albums topped the charts. So the question was what does she exactly mean by the next level? She saw the album as a form of challenge to see if she could make a great pop album. This is really evident from the fact that the album contains about 25 tracks and play time is for more than an hour. She made a lot of songs and most of them sounded a lot like the hits songs of other artists but better. Next level could be one of two things: it could either be domination of the charts and the music market like no one has ever done before or it could be the creation of a new sound, a sound that will send waves all around the world and not just a particular state. To an extent, after the release of the album. We can all agree that Ellie Goulding has indeed moved to the next level. The songs that she created are quite exceptional, so much so that one of the tracks “Love Me Like You Do" was used as a soundtrack for the movie Fifty Shades Of Grey. The thing that made this album so exceptional goes beyond the lyrics. It is the fact that the songs will probably cease to become hits if they are sung on the lips of anyone else.

May 31, 2019

Tucked away deep secrets about Ellie Goulding’s love life finally revealed by quiet moments

Lycanthropes in the music industry are a rare commodity, being that most musicians stick to a particular music genre while others are multi-versatile. Ellie Goulding is one of those radical multi-versatile music species that could murder any given track regardless of the genre of music. Goulding came to limelight in 2010 after the release of her debut album, Lights. Though the skies were yet to acknowledge Goulding’s presence as a star, all things fell in place when she gained world fame in 2010 after a gaping performance at Prince William’s Royal Wedding reception and Barack Obama’s Christmas tree-lighting ceremony. The golden opportunity sky-rocketed her career as she metamorphosed from being an ordinary singer to a global icon. Also, her fan base increased after the ceremony where she gathered millions of fans at many performances worldwide. Goulding forged ahead to release her second album to crown her breakthrough. Being someone that transcends beyond imaginations, she was received the BRIT Awards’ Critics Choice in the year 2010. Goulding has the kind of songs that could be played repeatedly on air without someone being bored. This feat can be attributed to the English singer’s ability to captivate the mind of any audience who gives her the littlest attention through her delectable singing. Halcyon is the sophomore album from the sensational songstress and it encapsulates EDM (Electronic Dance Music). It was released by her record label, Polydor Records on October 2012. Experienced producers put in their best efforts to add a touch of perfection to the album. Upon release, Halcyon received positive reviews from music lovers and critics worldwide. The album sold over ten thousand copies in the first week and topped the UK chart standing at number two on the chart and fell between the range of top 10 in Canada, Germany and the United States. Goulding’s narrative of her life trials in the album is remarkable as it takes the world through a musical voyage to find the redemption for the haunting dark path she has been treading.

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