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Jun 04, 2019

Demi Lovato, With All The Strength Of Love

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio  / 6 mins read

You can not say it's the best album ever created, but we cannot say it's the worst album either. Tell Me You Love Me by Demi Lovato is an album that has a lot of desires to cover everything it can, maybe with the desire to erase all the bad times to concentrate on the future. It clearly reflects the desire to love and be loved, to be respected for what she is and to make it clear that it will not fall under the pressures of a society that presses and criticizes for the pleasure of seeing people defeated and without hope. It is also the desire to never fall into mistakes, although with the recognition that these problems are worked day by day and with great patience. It is an album that marks the distance with prejudices and that worries, despite everything, to offer the audience that loves her so much, moments of happiness no matter what is inside the soul, however heartbreaking it may be. I think that's why so many of the topics written for this release in 2017 have little interconnection. The same we have sad songs, others full of claims, feelings of revenge and a song that frankly do not identify much with my tastes and expectations. But the way I want to value it is in the difficult stages that Demi Lovato has gone through, stages that without a doubt would have devastated many of us and that, different from what many could have predicted, the artist has risen and has been able to fight against all those demons to tame them and not let them take over her again. It must be terribly difficult to be so successful from an early age, to have participated in any number of television shows, series, movies, collaborations with other singers and composers, exhausting tours, personal problems and still standing to continue telling stories, wanting to please her fans, keep recording videos and make a superhuman effort to enter the recording studio, with all the wear and tear that this implies. After knowing the stories of other characters from the artistic medium, who could not resist and stayed on the edge of the road, we cannot bargain for a penny and we just have to stand up to recognize this feat, as well as hope that this is the direction her career takes, away from the problems that have made her fall and with all the energy to keep working.

Acoustic is much better

The best song on the album is definitely "Sorry Not Sorry" because it expresses a lot of what Demi Lovato has inside the soul and wants to get it out. It is an honest song and with good rhythm, it says what many would like to say and for that reason, I think it was quite well received by the public. I chose the acoustic version because personally, I can better appreciate everything that the singer and her musicians develop throughout the song and the feeling is better expressed than in the electronic version. So far, I don't think there is something better than appreciating a good song performed by people and with real instruments, for me, it is the essence of music. I do not criticize the use of artificial elements to develop music, but I defend the fact that no one loses the good habit of playing instruments and of appreciating music in its most original form. It is a song with a strong letter that warns that she will not give up and that she is prepared for revenge. This theme is the most resizable of the album from my point of view and I think it was the main impulse for a huge number of countries to position the album in the first places in 2017, highlighting a great second place in the United States, this not only shows the quality of the work presented by Demi Lovato, but also the love and unconditional support of the people who suffer, live and sing with her for so many years and who are willing to give her all their love. That need that is evident in the title of the album, is what has moved many to remind her that stands by all of them, and that she will never be alone. She asked to be told that they loved her, and the answer was immediate. And with all that love from all the millions who wait year after year to listen to a new song, see her at a concert and, above all, know that she's okay, I'm sure things will be much better in the short term for her.

Without promises, it's better that way

Yes, I definitely stay with the acoustic themes of the album. "No Promises" is another sweet and full of feeling theme. Maybe I miss some of the rock that the singer had given us in previous productions on the album; however, despite the differences in style, this calm theme compensates for the absence of other things, it seems to me that the intrinsic message in this song is the fact that we must all consider, before the problems, what remains is to fight, but it is better not to make promises because you never know when you can lose a battle and have to get up again. Without promises, but with the conviction never to give up, that's better. Another thing worth mentioning is that throughout all the songs included in this work the singer shows an impressive ability to sing and reach very high notes. Her vocal quality is not in doubt, nor her quality as a person, so I trust that things will improve very soon. Proudly presented on her website as a singer, songwriter, actress, lawyer, philanthropist, and businesswoman and, of course, it had to be like that! When one remembers yourself what one is and what one worth, bad things lose importance and the best of each one emerges to get ahead and not be defeated by anything or anyone. That is exactly the meaning I give to this record. The confirmation that we are worth what we are and not what we look like. It is not our appearance that gives value to our person, but our inner being that gives value to everything we do. It is always very important to remind us that our life is full of achievements that are reasons to be proud and inspired to move forward and not think that the problems are bigger than us.

May 31, 2019

The Second-best Demi Lovato Era

Written by @adelemarie from JustAdeleMarie  / 6 mins read

Demi Lovato has been a favorite of mine since the Camp Rock and Sonny with a Chance days. She has released several albums and struggled publically several times, but her last album was one that I feel needs some more attention. Confident was an album that was just bop after bop after bop, and I continue to listen to on repeat. The album has been one of my favorite Demi Lovato albums for a long time now, and until she releases another album, it will continue to be. It is full of bops, breakup bops, confidence bops, summer bops, tear jerking bops, and more. There is not a single song on the whole album that is bad, and I can almost guarantee that everyone will find at least one song on the album that they like.

Self Confidence Bops

The album starts off with a bang. “Confident” is a song that has been in the making for a long time. Demi has wanted to let everyone know that we have been underrated for a while, but she waited until she was feeling confident and proud of her skin. That is what this song is about- being confident in your own skin as well as feeling good about yourself. It features a big sound and some trumpets, learning my horns, and is super anthemic and catchy as hell. “Cool for the Summer” is a song that is to be expected from any former Disney Star who wants to prove that they are an adult now. It talks about a summer long affair and was her most controversial song, despite it being a summer jam. The song begins with a piano tone before turning to a pop rock tune with the verses being majorly a pop tune. It is a song that brings together all of the sounds that she has previously experimented with in the past, and just for the record, another Don’t Forget era would be astonishing. It is followed by “Old Ways,” the song that talks about the emotional and physical issues that Demi struggled with in 2010. The song features a fun and quick paced drum beat and experiments with some electronic pop elements over the chorus. It is a really fun song that it can get anyone moving. “For You” is a song that talks about how a man tries to put effort in their relationship, but it isn’t sincere, so she is conflicted about if she should continue the relationship or not. It is a song that has one of those choruses that just hits you. It starts off slow and simple, with mostly her vocals, but the chorus is a big one. The song that comes after it is a tear jerker. “Stone Cold” is a slow piano ballad that seeps soul. It is song that shows Lovato wishing her ex-boyfriend the best in his new relationship. It is a basic song with her and a piano, but the vocals are anything but basic… she lets it all go on the track and belts out all of her feelings.

The Mediocre Section

Moving on from the sad, slow songs, “Kingdom Come” speeds us back up a bit. With the help of rapper Iggy Azalea, she talks about her relationship with her ex and how he stuck by her despite people telling him not to. The song features a fun quick paced beat that brings back some electronic and synthetic elements throughout. She gets the help from another artist on the next track, “Waitin for you” features Sirah. The song is about a person who showed Demi their true colors. They tried taming Demi, but she ended up coming out stronger and she says that she will be waiting for this person in order to settle it like adults. The song is a slower one with a fun beat and another powerful chorus. It is followed by an equally electronic and synthetic beat that is called “Wildfire.” The song is about finding someone in your life that is capable of setting your soul on fire. It is about finding someone who is able to help you forget about your past while creating a new future for the both of you. The song that comes up next is a song that is about the flame and fearlessness that is within all of us because of the love we hold for one another, it is called “Lionheart.” It is another song that begins with a slow and builds up to the chorus, where it is accompanied by a super fun electronic/ synthetic beat and powerful vocals.

Get Ready to Cry

“Yes” is a song that is pretty simple. It tells us a list of things she wants her lover to follow and later saying that she will follow this list of commands as well. It is a song that is pretty slow and fun as well but might be my least favorite of the album. While the song is good and fun, the other songs are the album are more of my type, I guess. Following it is one of my favorite songs on the album. “Father” is a song that might just be the most beautiful song on the album. It is a song about her late father who died of cancer. She did not have much contact with him after her parents divorced. It is another piano ballad that features her powerful vocals and tear-jerking levels of emotion. She incorporates a bit of an orchestra to compliment her tone, but the pinnacle of the song is when it stops, everything is silent, and then she comes back with more power and emotion than you can imagine. It is a powerful moment that makes me cry every single time. I think I was wrong earlier when I said “Yes” was my least favorite because I think the next song is a close second, “Stars.” The song features a beat that is able to redeem it but is followed by a song that is much more fun than it. “Mr Hughs” The song is about her first love from when she was in high school. He was an older football player and she was merely a freshman. It is a super fun contagious beat with a chorus that sticks in your head despite your best efforts. A fun fact about the album release though is that a different celebrity tweeted about a song before the release of the album which is super cute.

It’s Not Easy To Be Everyone’s Favorite Pop Star

Living with Bi-Polar disorder is a daily struggle, and often an hourly one. When I have felt truly at my wits’ end, and burnt all my bridges, I often had no choice but to take solace in a dark room with my music and a nice soft pillow. During those times, Demi Lovato was there for me, not just for the amazing music, on an album like Confident, but because she has for all of these years gone through exactly what I have gone through. I have dreams and aspirations just like you. It’s just that there is a cloud that impedes my vision, and weights that drag me down, yet these very weights can turn into balloons and allow me to float. It really depends on seeing others, like Demi, who struggle yet still persevere to accomplish so much, which adds helium to my soul.

Written by lostinlove / Apr 24, 2019

Demi Lovato Shows Off The Confidence Of Having One Of The Best Voices In Pop On Album ‘Confident’

Segueing from most of the Synth Pop and Bubblegum Pop on album Demi, Demi Lovato exudes confidence on the album Confident with impressive vocal deliveries, whether she is belting out some Gospel caliber performance, or getting urban with sing-talk cadences, and the proof seems to have been in the pudding, because the album was popular, and she foretold all of this in a statement made around its release; “I've never been so sure of myself as an artist when it comes down to confidence, but not only personal things, but exactly what I want my sound to be and what I know I'm capable of and this album will give me the opportunity to show people what I can really do." This apparently correlated with the positive fan response, as the album debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200, supported by a successful Future Now Tour with Nick Jonas, her long time friend and collaborator. Now, I am not the hugest Pop fan, and while I recognized that Lovato at the time was a pretty outstanding voice compared to her peers, I was only impressed with several of her actual tracks then, and my opinions have not changed much on a recent full album listen. It’s audio ranges from motivational Dance Pop, to some Synth Pop, and several joints in the categories of R&B, Soul, Gospel, Hip Hop and Pop Rock. A tall stylistic order, but a good portion of it is either too similar to the competition, or aimless in its songwriting, which should be laid at the feet’s of a hell of a lot of cooks in the kitchen, with a shortlist of writers including Julia Michaels, Steve Mac, Laleh Pourkarim, and Ryan Tedder. Writer-producer Max Martin seems to have made the most indelible contribution, thanks to his involvement on the two biggest critical and creative hits; both “Confident” and the genius jam “Cool for the Summer.”

Written by taylor / Mar 06, 2019

On Self Titled Album ‘Demi’, Demi Lovato Hits Her Pop Stride Over Superior Beats

I might be a bit of a grump when it comes to Pop music, bored to tears over the clichés and copycat nature of this particular genre, yet I am willing to admit when an artist’s sound improves from album to album, and in the case of Demi Lovato, I feel Demi is a great case of this happening, showing a talented singer starting out as a Pop Punker, de-evolving somewhat at her first stab as full fledged Pop diva on Unbroken, and then improving her style by ditching most of the terrible styles plaguing her melodies there while incorporating a bit of that Pop Punk spirit which she was already beloved for. 2013 was a huge year for Lovato – and she seemed to achieve what she was after – a seat at the table of big acts like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, plus she had huge Demi singles playing like crazy on the airwaves, such as “Heart Attack” and “Neon Lights”, though as big as these were, none were huger than a single on a soundtrack of a little ol’ movie called Frozen. You might have seen the movie, and if you did, you might have heard of its biggest song “Let It Go.” All of these were inescapable tracks – and while I didn’t dig them all that much, as it’s not my scene, I can certainly hear their blueprints for success. Taken as a whole, this album is definitely as good as anything from Perry or Swift – and I will always stick up for the fact that while Lovato might continue getting bronze medals, she is absolutely the superior vocalist on the podium, and besides, her fans, lovingly referred to as Lovatics, will always consider her the first place gold medalist.

Written by taylor / Mar 04, 2019

Revisiting Demi Lovato’s Album ‘Unbroken’ Shows An Uneven Electronic Effort That Contains Talent And Tedium

I vaguely am familiar with Demi Lovato’s child acting career, having caught her performances back in the day occasionally on kids’ shows Camp Rock and Sonny with a Chance, and coinciding with this, her albums Don’t Forget and Here We Go Again captured the juvenile, fun loving Pop Punk scene that is really hard to resist when Lovato was bursting with immense bandleader energy and truly untouchable vocals for that sub genre. Sure there was a generic overproduction to both albums’ music then, yet while I had heard that she re-invented her sound for subsequent albums, I did not realize to what extent that the new Demi Lovato had gone full on Rihanna Synth Pop. Was I digging this style 5, 6 years ago? Of course not – too much music to listen to out there to waste my time. But I know that people adore these songs, cover them, and I certainly have attended a few karaoke parties in my time, impressed how the girls in the group knew every word and cadence for the joints on this album. These days, I have a more evaluative mind, meaning this extends to the music I like just as much to the music that I don’t. I have heard some of the singles on Unbroken over the years on the radio, etc, and had no freakin’ clue that they were by Demi Lovato – especially tracks such as “Give Your Heart a Break”, which I always assumed was by Rihanna. That is the double edged sword of Lovato’s voice and musical choices. She can switch anything and everything up to suit her goals – and with Unbroken, her goal was not so much a ‘mature’ Pop album, as she has claimed in the past, but rather, to break in to the Pop stardom afforded to Rihanna and Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Hey, 2011 was like that – everyone copying everybody else’s success, yet, the result is abysmal on this album, with 14 tracks of mostly unlistenable songwriting and cheap trick synth.

Written by taylor / Mar 04, 2019

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Demetria Devonne Lovato (/ləˈvɑːtoʊ/ lə-VAH-toh; born August 20, 1992) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. After appearing on the children's television series Barney & Friends as a child, she received her breakthrough role as Mitchie Torres in the Disney Channel television film Camp Rock (2008) and its sequel Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (2010). The former film's soundtrack included Lovato's debut single, "This Is Me", which peaked in the top ten on the US Billboard Hot 100.
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