Starting Over
Chris Stapleton


Feb 25, 2019

Chris Stapleton’s From A Room, Volume 1 (And 2) Is The Cure To Country Music’s Sickness

Back when I was growing up, I was most-certainly a member of the overwhelming majority of mainstream listeners who thought Country Music as a whole was utter garbage, making jokes about its hokeyness & voicing the age-old opinion of “I listen to every genre of music…but Country” as if it was a valid statement that made you somehow cool amongst your peers; After all, adolescence is all about fitting in with those closest to you & shunning absolutely everything you find alien, right? Well, as time went on, I – like so many others – started realizing there was some merit to be gleaned from the realm of Country music, with the Indie Folk revolution of the late-noughties opening my eyes to the emotional resonance & authentic musicianship hiding within its traditionally niche appeal, leading to a nearly decade-long period of Country excellence as the Middle-American genre made its way into the mainstream with an increasingly Pop-leaning focus. Unfortunately, that bubble of prosperity started to show signs of strain as we reached the early-teens, with bands like Old Dominion & Florida Georgia Line homogenizing the genre to its extremes, so much so that you’d be hard-pressed to differentiate one of their bombastic electronic Dance Pop productions from something Coldplay or Macklemore created in the last five or so years, resulting in a loss of integrity & a sound so annoying we’d once-again found ourselves hating Country music in the same ways we had two decades before – Suddenly, as if sensing a disturbance in The Force & hoping to eradicate the market of any Sith lords who were tainting the genre’s pristine image, Chris Stapleton came out of the woodwork with an incredibly wholesome drifter aesthetic that took the world – both Country & otherwise – by storm, restoring the melodic balance we so desperately needed & giving the Red-Dirt, Outlaw & Honky Tonk groups hiding in the rafters an opportunity to spread their wings & improve their beloved genre’s damaged reputation. Just a short three years later, Country music is back to its prior splendor, with Stapleton’s From A Room, Volume 1 & From A Room, Volume 2 representing the very best of backwoods musicianship, opening the door for the industry to continue innovating for years to come.

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