Only Human (Special Edition)
Calum Scott


Mar 04, 2019

Exceptionally Emotional Vocals Can Only Be Human On Calum Scott’s Album ‘Only Human’

Calum Scott; another UK artist literally killing it in the R&B/Soul/Pop scene. Just discovered this miraculous human being, and have been jamming to my favorite joints on his accomplished album Only Human, a vocally-centric Pop record which strikes you immediately from the first track “If Our Love Is Wrong”, a swirling, liquid symphonic beat that carries much sophistication and a heavy emotional weight, hitting very subbed down frequencies as Calum Scott delivers lyrical, whimsical vocalizations that are instantly arresting. It’s small wonder that this budding star has some skin in the game, already having honed his skills by both competing on 2015 Britain’s Got Talent, and also fronting a Maroon 5 tribute band, cheekily calling it Maroon 4. The man is destined for fame, as I find his vocals comparable with Sam Smith’s, if slightly less soulful and acrobatic. To the point, Sam Smith is the heir apparent of British Pop Soul, but we are talking apples and oranges, as what we gain with Calum Scott is tons of vocal diversity, even if on certain songs, he gets a little too throaty whilst chasing some dead end style on “Not Dark Yet”, though even in this, his soulful belting leads to triumph. It is extremely refreshing that in this day and age, with Pop music blending so much with auto-tuned sing-rap styles, or overlayed artificial synthetic support, that a real and dynamic voice can reach my ears without any filtering or barriers.

Written by @taylor

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