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Jun 14, 2019

Ain’t no rest For Cage the Elephant

Written by @adelemarie from JustAdeleMarie  / 5 mins read

Though I am a big fan of bands and sad maybe borderline Emo lyrics, I had never taken the time to listen to Cage the Elephant. Sure, I know “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked,” but who doesn’t? I decided, in true me fashion, that I would change that today and listened to Social Cues, their latest album today. All in all, I hadn’t expected much from them, but was pleasantly surprised. The band is a bit of an alternative/ indie rock band that talks about their personal problems instead of how hard it is to be famous, which I am a big fan of. Their fifth album, Social Cues, talks about cheating, anxiety, depression, and running away and hiding from your fears and is simply beautiful. They add in a few bits and bobs and boom- they have an album! They add in some tropical vibes in addition to some sad vibes, mix it with their staple Indie Vibes and they created a beautiful piece of art.

Everyone is Broken and Tired

The album starts off with a rather personal song, “Broken Boy” is a song that begins as a relatively heavy rock song before settling into an indie- rock beat that goes into talking about band member Matt’s childhood and how he struggled to fit in. “Social Cues” is a song that talks more about anxieties that come with being a rockstar, and more specifically the anxieties and nerves that come with the hurry up and wait mentality with the green rooms of venues. The song follows a pretty chill and laid-back indie- rock vibe with some synthetic elements. “Black Madonna” is a song that continues the theme of gaining a meaningless success. The term black madonna refers to both the emptiness as well as the beauty that comes with having success. It begins with a pretty fun slight drum solo before a funky beat of synthetics settle in and the song begins in full force Indie Rock Sound. The only song on the album that gets help from another is the next one, “Night Running” featuring Beck. “Night Running” is a rather thick song that allows the singers to sing about vampires and x- ray vision. The song follows a bit of a different sound for the band, incorporating a bit of some reggae infusion in addition to being their normal chill vibe. “Skin and Bones” continues the slight reggae vibes a little with their Indie Rock sound. The song talks about how tired he is from constantly fighting and trying so hard, and he is fighting to carry on any longer.

Heartbreaking lyrics and Heart Wrenching Notes

“Ready to Let Go” is a song that tells a story of going to Pompeii as a way to tell listeners about how the singer realized he needed a divorce. The song follows an equally as funky and fun beat. The heavy, yet groovy bass leads the rather catchy song before it turns to a bit of a darker vibed sound on the next track. “House of Glass” is a song that allows the signer to sing about bad vibes and things that fall apart, which goes along with the sudden darker vibes of the song. The song follows a groovy rock sound and less of an indie vibe, but it suits them well and might be my favorite instrumentally off of the album. Continuing on to the next song, “Love’s the Only Way.” This song starts with a bit of a dark orchestral beginning before settling into a slow tempo vibe. The song is simply beautiful and reaches some notes that are a bit difficult to hit, especially live, but the strain and emotion really makes the song. “The War is Over” is a song that allows Matt to make peace with the themes of running and hiding that we find in the album. He has accepted the things that have happened so that now the war is over. With this song, we pick the mood back up and get back to our light and funky tune.

Singing On The Floor

“Dance, Dance” follows a fun and funky beat that is meant to be a bit of a dance tune as they say for everybody to dance. Again, with a fun drum solo intro, “What I’m Becoming” is a slower tempo song once more that is driven by a pretty subtle drum beat. The song deals with thoughts and feelings that linger around after a break up. The song follows an apologetic lover who feels they are the reason for the demise of the relationship before picking things back up once more with “Tokyo Smoke.” This alternative- indie- rock vibe follows a fun mid-tempo vibe that is like pretty perfect for driving down the road with your music blasting. Despite the good fun, the album draws to a close with the final song, “Goodbye.” The song was written for the end of a relationship and was not a fun song for them to record. The song is a slow song that weighs heavy on a heart while singing about the demise of his relationship. This song weighs heavy on our hearts, but when recording, Shultz sang his vocals from the floor of the studio, unable to muster the energy to stand. As a first timer to hear Cage the Elephant, I could not think of a better album for me to hear. This album is simply beautiful with the ending of marriages, lonesome nights, and accepting one's fate. The album was a beautiful alternative take on indie and rock and was able to throw in some reggae sounds like they were nothing. A very good album, ten out of ten for sure.

May 31, 2019

Another hit from Kentucky

Written by @Soulbyweekly from SoulByweekly  / 6 mins read

When you heard the word Kentucky what will be your first reaction; obviously KFC, but will you believe me - Kentucky is also famous for the birth of rock band like Cage the Elephant. Yes, you heard it right. Initially this band was formed in Kentucky - later it was relocated to London. People never thought that band like them can also become a success story but guess what they proved everyone wrong when in 2017 they won the prestigious Grammy award for Best Rock Album. Honestly speaking I have never heard their songs until recently a friend of mine introduced to them and guess what after that I started loving this band.

Walking towards a dark road

In recent time quite often, we heard about deaths in valleys due to drone strike and interestingly till now no one had put more interest in the issue until Cage the Elephant thought of bringing this issue into lime light with their song and guess what they were able to do what they wanted to do. If we listen to the song the intro will give you that proper feel of a rock band, but this lyric had a dark story and meaning behind it for example: “While bullets shower the earth/we turn our heads and cover our faces” this line had a deep meaning, this line specifically speak about the death and fear created by a drone strike, how they rain bullets from the sky killing indiscriminately and only thing they can do is to cover their faces and hide, I mean this line has a such a dark story behind it and after listening to this song I realized how tough it would be for those who are staying under such destruction. My recommendation would be every individual should listen to this song atlest for the meaning, so that some sympathy can be raised among the people and necessary action can be taken.

Breaking the stereotype

It is quite often to get a criticism when you tried to start something new in life and when it comes to music industry getting such criticism becomes an integral part. Though we love to listen to the rock bands, but our understanding about their personal life is very mean and negative, we mostly see them as someone who are either drug addicts or dropouts and that’s what keep us away from sending our kids into this field, however to break that believe and stereotype, cage the elephant came up with the song “In One Ear” in this song they have criticised this idea very brutally, they began their song with refuting the idea that musicians are anarchist and Satanist: I’m a phony in disguise, tryin’ to make the radio
I’m an anti-social anarchist who sounds like so and so”
“They say the devil is my pal, I do a lotta drugs
The crowd will only like me if they’re really fuckin’ drunk
They think they know my thoughts, but they don’t know the least
If they listened to the words, they’d find the message that’s beneath.”
In the later few lines they have bought a really important aspect, if you read my other narratives you can realise why I tried to bring out the hidden meanings of the song. In this song they bought the element of how people listen to the music even without knowing or understanding the root behind the song, because they have a stereotypical mentality that’s why they have a notion that such rock bands are only understood or enjoyed when you are drunk, but truth is it is not, as mentioned previously in the paragraph every rock band has a story behind it and those stories if you listen to it can give you a lot of life lessons and that’s exactly what this band is trying to say.
People might find it funny but reason why I listen to a song is not for its beats or guitars but for its lyrics because after listing to Linkin Park I realised that every band has a hidden story to tell and guess what I was right. By bringing this song in the market, Cage the Elephant had done a great job in challenging the stereotype, I will recommend every rock band fan should listen to this song.

A perfect combo

In the last previous paragraph, I mostly spoke about the meaning behind the songs, but in this paragraph, I am going to talk about few other aspects as well. I mean this song is a complete package of everything, by everything I mean everything we expect from a newbie band. Starting with hard rock music to a meaningful lyric. the part which I enjoyed the most is the intro part were you can experience a bit acoustic in the beginning along with slow drum beats and as the song progresses you will enjoy the beats of the music I mean this band can be seen as a one of the best alternative rock bands, you can find beautiful lyrics along with proper touch of rock and drum beats, one more interesting aspects about the band is their vocal I mean if you listen to the vocal you will realize that the voice sounds like a everyday speaking voice rather than loud and impressive one used by most of the rock bands, may be that’s the reason why people are able to relate it more frequently. Now talking about the lyrics this band has always amazed me with there wonderful lyrics, there lyrics are very simple and easily relatable as they are mostly focus to the global issues, along with their lyrics what plays an important role is their intro, their intro unlike other bands began with a very soft music that smoothen your mind. If you are planning for a weekend hangout with your friends in posh pub, I would suggest you should tell the manager to keep this song in the playlist, slow beats, acoustic tunes and gradual shift towards high beat is something I am pretty sure people will enjoy with their friends after a long stressful weekdays.

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