Jun 20, 2019

Brett Young speaks about relationships in his self-titled debut album

The American country pop singer Brett Young released his self-titled debut album in February 2017 through Big Machine Records, an American independent record label. This soul and pop influenced country music album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee in between 2014 and 2017, and is produced by Dan Huff, who is known for working with several other country pop acts. Relationships have been the main focus throughout the album, covering every aspect of them that includes finding the one with whom one can spend his life, falling together and falling apart. Brett Young did not follow the bro-country music trend and focused more on heartfelt relationships. With minimal production, the rising country singer could use his soft beautiful voice to portray emotions and the stories of love. There is a total of twelve tracks in this album, with an overall time length of approximately forty two minutes. Six of those tracks were previously released in his self-titled twenty one minute EP that came out in 2016. The album mostly received positive reviews from the music critics and listeners. Sounds Like Nashville described this work- “Young plays the good-guy card in every cut, straying away from the ‘bro country’ trend, to mark his own genuine path by not being afraid to be vulnerable in matters of the heart” and also added- “This project leaves room for Young to explore different themes beyond matters of the heart, but for right now it’s okay to swoon over this lovesick album”. Entertainment Weekly describes the songs within the album as “confessional, soulful country gems”. The article also illustrates the fact that he began to sharpen his music skills after an elbow injury halted his baseball career. The album debuted at the second position on US Top Country Albums (Billboard) chart, and at the eighteenth position on US Billboard 200 chart. It was also featured on Canadian Albums (Billboard) at number 26 and on Scottish Albums (OCC) music charts at 75.

Written by @Soulbyweekly from SoulByweekly

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