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May 24, 2019

The Worlds Of Billie.

Written by @FerSP / 13 mins read

It always happens. It seems that it is a prophecy (read this with intense medieval intonation): "Every so often a magical creature emerges by surprise from anonymity, with a new sound, a special vision and an aesthetic that until then was difficult to see or guess. That creature will be able to understand reality differently and will dazzle society with its way of understanding music.'' In a time where pop and commercial music were falling into the abyss of boredom, with repeated bases until you can’t stand them anymore and, in general, boring, Billie Eilish took the role of that new and magical being. Our music is experiencing a golden age in terms of sounds: tired of the usual melodies, a few years ago music began to introduce new sounds, and has evolved until today, when it has opened its range of options and artists with curious and original visions that contribute with their small grain of sand, changing music. The maximum representation of this we can find today is Billie, who at the end of last March released her album '' WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? ''

Billie The Teenager.

Billie is only 17 years old, she wears oversize and genderless sweatshirts and pants, thousands of chains and rings as if she were a rapper, and normally her facial expression conveys a feeling of constant boredom. This girl is an extreme example of Generation Z, who, like any teenager of her age, is not surprised by anything, lives immersed on the Internet and shows no emotion for anything or anyone (at least at first glance). But do not let this appearance fool you: at her young age, Billie demonstrates a great maturity when it comes to transmitting her thoughts and opinions. As a child, she was thought to be a musical genius already: when she was only 11, she wrote her first song and at 14, she launched “Ocean eyes”, a beautiful and sweet record that gave her fame on the Internet. She always works hand in hand with her older brother, Finneas, producer of the singer and who has greatly helped to develop her musical style. Eilish follows the trail of Lorde, which surprised the world almost five years ago with her single “Royals”. These are young people who have something to say, with a strange and mature judgment for their age and who are also capable of captivating the world with their original music. If Lana Del Rey, along with the aforementioned Lorde, had had a daughter in the early 2000s and had been raised by Tim Burton and The Addams Family (ahem, Wednesday), this would be Billie. The melancholy and sad sounds of her two mothers have been transferred by the daughter to the millennial world, exaggerating them with a gloomy and sinister air.

The Billie Crown.

The name of the album clearly points to where Billie Eilish wants to go: the world of dreams, something that makes her extremely curious. It is a matter known to the artist: she suffers from sleep paralysis and insomnia. For her, that world is connected to reality. In this way, she walks comfortably between these two realities wondering which can scare people more, hand in hand with his gloomy pop, which invites you to sleep and then wake up or even frightens you. Dark, electronic and nostalgic sounds that evoke dream worlds and sleeping demons lead this project. We started with “bad guy”, the last single released by the singer. It is an ironic and quite teen theme (like its colorful video), where Eilish makes fun of the bad guys by listing their qualities, like clichés. But don’t get this wrong, she IS the bad guy in the movie: in the last part of the song, the record changes completely as the playful base becomes sinister and totally provocative (‘’You said she's scared of me? / I mean, I do not see what she sees / But maybe it's' cause I'm wearing your cologne’’ she said to whoever she is talking to). Billie makes clear winks of the rebellious teen pop of the 2000s that connects with anyone who is in that difficult age and needs to prove something, in this song of electronic rhythms that stands as one of the best of the album. It is followed by “xanny”, which deals with the irresponsible use of drugs ('xanny' refers to Xanax). The song begins sweetly and sensitively and takes a leap in the chorus with distorted voices taking a dark aura (emulating the state of drunkenness) to return again to the first format. A set of intensities in this minimal and acoustic theme that adds a nostalgic bridge where a vulnerable Billie needs to be encouraged: "I can’t afford to love someone who is not dying by mistake / In Silverlake", she sings. Her mood totally changes with ''you should see me in a crown'': this is an aggressive, powerful and totally scary theme inspired by a chapter of the Sherlock series. Here Billie intimidates us with a sick electronic base and hip-hop. The visual of the song is not far behind: she is surrounded by spiders wearing a large crystal crown. Her intention is clear: she has come to reign.

The Billie Humor.

Like the spiders of her video, Billie Eilish has been able to weave a huge spider's web where the sinister and the beautiful come together and marry perfectly. The artist possesses a natural talent to unite two opposite parts: her sound is modern, but also sounds classic and nostalgic. The known becomes unknown and vice versa. This also translates to her songs because she is able to jump from song to song without losing a bit of coherence. In this way, Eilish returns to change her style with the following theme: “all the good girls go to hell”. A naughty theme in the style of Melanie Martinez with that game of angelic / diabolical girl where the singer transports you to his personal hell and talks about Lucifer and bad girls. There is also moment for controversy: Billie won a few criticisms with “wish you were gay”, for being considered an offensive and queerbaiting title (and I thought we had evolved a bit since Katy Perry’s “Ur so gay”...). In this sympathetic theme, the singer uses black humor to distrust her lover given the lack of reciprocal love from him, '’To give your lack of interest an explanation / I'm not your type / Maybe I'm not your preferred sexual orientation'', she sings. As if it were a monologue in a theater, Billie sings to an audience that reacts to the story of the young artist, participating in this way in the song. This is nothing more than a successful trick to approach the listener: either on this record, “xanny” or others that we will talk about later, Eilish uses onomatopoeias, blows, mouth sounds, etc so that everything seems more common, like a conversation face to face and, in this way, connect in an incredible way with the viewer. And this is because Billie has a quality that is difficult to find today: she manages to impress people, because she manages to convey the message, she wants with each song clearly and empathizes with the audience. Love, lack of love, sweetness, sadness, anger ..., feelings that we all experience and that she deals with very successfully, swarming from one to another in a natural and honest way.

Billie’s Capacity To Amaze People.

There is no doubt that the themes chosen as singles are the best of the project, proof is “when the party is over”, an intimate and delicate ballad that contrasts with the harshness and drama of its lyrics and the purpose of this:' 'Don't you know I'm not good for you? " starts this song where Billie tries to get away from her partner. Attention should be paid to the visual of the song, where the singer drinks a strange black liquid until she agonizes and dies. This is the ''Eilish formula'': videos as simple as forceful and aggressive. The surprise of the album is found below, with “8”, the most intriguing theme of hers, where an ukulele sounds, and Billie's voice is distorted to make it look like a little girl. An apparently cheerful and pleasant theme that talks about someone the singer hurt in the past. Billie's ability to amaze us is noteworthy. Already in itself the whole project is a pleasant and curiously surprising, but it is within each song where you can find real gems, as in “my strange addiction”. Who would have thought that Billie would dedicate a song to an American program that talks about unusual behaviors? Who would have thought that it would include by surprise dialogues of the TV series The Office? The fan favorite of the album contains synths and guitar strings that go up and down, which invite the audience to mistrust her. Another great surprise is the single “bury a friend”, a song that fascinates and scares us equally. It is the most suffocating and spooky theme of the album that has a video clip worthy of being a horror movie, because Billie talks about the childish fear of the monsters that live under our bed. But this theme of minimalist electronics holds in itself a special meaning: the difference between dreams and reality, and this is, without going any further, the fact of waking up, that is, of a nightmare you can always wake up, but from your life you can’t. With a drastic metaphor, the death of a friend, Billie tries to make us fall into this fact that in real life there would be no solution. It is amazing that at her young age she is able to make us reflect on facts that most of us don’t really think about often. Eilish, hats off to you! In “ilomilo”, another strange theme, a lullaby sounds to present a sleepy Billie who talks about separation, it seems, her biggest fear: '' And I do not wanna be lonely / Was hoping you'd eat home / I do not care if it's a lie ''.

The Insecurity Of Billie.

Despite the indifferent and malignant environment that surrounds her, I can’t imagine that Billie Eilish, behind her aesthetic, is the typical and insecure teenage girl, who is now launching into real life. The one that laughs and cries about equally, that goes from joy to sadness in a matter of minutes, or that makes us see that everything is going well when, in reality, everything goes wrong. It is that feeling of vulnerability and innocence that shines with a little flash among so much darkness. It's that little puff that makes you, in some rare way, like Billie or as it happened to me, you feel a strange affection for her. It is in the final part of the album that we find the sweetest and melancholy Billie. We are totally unprepared for her new state and it seems that the singer is directly addressing us, the last three songs form a phrase '' listen before I go / i love you / goodbye ''. These three songs could be the continuation of the excellent song “idontwannabeyouanymore”, one of the best songs of Billie (listen to it please), and my favorite, which unfortunately we can’t find in this project. “Listen before I go” has an immense beauty, where a fragile and melancholy Billie is accompanied by a piano in this murderous ballad with a tragic ending; so do not be fooled by these beautiful sounds, these songs reflect on the end of life. With “i love you” the beauty and delicacy continue and the emotional force increases. Hair stand on end and tears in the eyes to hear this overwhelming song, one of the best of the album, moving between darkness and hope. Finally, Billie says goodbye by making a compilation of some phrases of the songs that make up the album and creating “goodbye”. An original way of end this project where Billie's voice supposes others returning to the gloomy and general tone of '' WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO ''.

Billie manages to spin all the songs on the album in an incredible way and presents a cohesive project. The first time I heard it I thought it was a 42-minute song, with its ups and downs, but no matter how long it was, I could not get bored. The singer has created her own style, so that she can swim from style to style, making the songs her own, and not the other way around. With unique and different songs, Eilish has opened to us and has shown us his inner world, a stormy world of comedy, tragedy, anguish, darkness and adolescence. Generation Z already has a leader. All this has been reflected in her album, which fortunately leaves a broad path for the future, so that the artist can evolve. Do not be surprised that from now on things change: Billie's unique style is being a success. As we said at the beginning, Billie Eilish is “that magical creature” that comes to save us, and surely exerts a great influence on the sounds of already known artists, as well as open the way for new artists with unique visions, as if from a brave warrior. I want to finish referring to the less important song (¿?) of the album: “!!!!!!!”. It lasts only 14 seconds, and it is a conversation of Billie with her colleagues, between laughter and jokes: she has removed her dental apparatus to sing. It is such an ordinary thing, that it could happen to you, to me…to everybody. But what makes this record special is the importance she has given to such a common topic. With her album, Billie Eilish has entered the world of dreams. Sleep is something we all do, but the unique mind and fantasy of this teenager has found thousands of nuances and meanings to events that most people do not come to think about. Her project deals with a normality understood by a singular head, and this makes that normality high, interesting and dazzles us, to the point of creating a great curiosity about this subject. Isn’t that what artists should do? Remove minds, go further, create concerns ... and she gets it at her young age. Billie Eilish, we need more minds like you, we need to know more about you.

Billie Eilish Releases The Biggest Album Of 2019 And I Honestly Feel Like A Proud Parent

I’ve actually been waiting to write this one for the longest time. I consider myself to be one of the biggest Billie Eilish fans, and it’s not really up for debate. I was one of the first to originally discover her those 3 years ago before anyone even knew her. She barely had two songs released with “Ocean Eyes” and “Six Feet Under.” I knew right away that she was something special. I told everyone in the goddamn world about her. Ya know, I kind of miss those days — when you’re giving your friend a music recommendation and you hope they haven’t heard of the artist you’re suggesting. “Have you heard of Billie Eilish?” “Who?” It was a great feeling to be the first one to tell someone about an amazing new artist. It’s an even greater feeling knowing that you got to witness the entire rise of this now monumental influence. You get to see them grow as an artist and it gives you a sense of pride. I even made sure to write about her to get the message out. Each year, on my personal blog, I write an article spreading the word about new artists who are on the brink of blowing up. I put Billie Eilish as my No. 1 new artist in my 2017 version of the series. The previous year, I chose Dua Lipa as my No. 1 and now she’s got 2 Grammy’s, billions of streams and views, and everyone knows her. Now, look at Billie Eilish, because next year you know she’s coming for those Grammy’s too. You could say I have a knack for this sort of thing. I honestly credit myself to jump-starting both of their careers. To them I say “You’re welcome.” Regardless, I’m so proud of Billie Eilish’s recent successes, and how was she was able to stay true to her vision by creating WWAFAWDWG with only her brother, FINNEAS. You don’t get much of that in the music business nowadays. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this wonderful record.

Written by hazelnutcoffee  / May 24, 2019

In The Universe Of Billie Eilish – Unnamed Dark Forces Of Our Psyche Haunt Our Youthful Selves

I am using the pronoun ‘our’ in the headline because apparently, Billie Eilish has struck upon a gold mine of angst that we can all identify with – and this disquiet never does go away. I am almost 50 years old and even at this age, there are days when the dark forces in my brain can overwhelm my usually positive nature. We, of course, never talk about it (at least in public) or show people that we are falling apart. It is often seen as a sign of weakness or a weak personality. So, we need artists like Billie Eilish to articulate it to us and give us songs which may sound weird at first – but are just clear articulations of some of our worrying trepidations and products of our fertile imaginations. Billie Eilish is only 17 years old and she already has a debut studio album out. That means she wrote most of the songs in this album when she was just 16 years old or younger. A-MA-ZING! Well, I am saying that because when you say 16 years old, the songs I expect to hear from a teenager would be something like Debbie Gibson’s “Out of the Blue” or Britney Spears “Baby One More Time”. But what if you get songs like “Bury A Friend” or “Bad Guy”. Hmmmm…..then I realized, oh yeah, there are several sides of teenage life and one of them is the gloomy, depressed, sad part of growing up – and I think that is the aspect of teenage life that Billie Eilish is expressing.

Written by tonyfabelous  / May 10, 2019

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? That's What We All Would Like To Know Billie Eilish

Some believe that success is accidental, I think it's fate. Born in this millennium, with all the advantages, risks and existential dilemmas that this implies, Billie Eilish has been called (perhaps from the Kingdom of dreams that she inhabits from before birth) to be the icon of her generation. I Imagine a girl with a desperate twitch, unstoppable flickering eyes, coughing frequently, wipinging her throat all the time, even sniffing things in a strange way and making gestures that bothers her mother (if ever was near her). She accumulated those hobbies and all the thoughts that came to her at night while trying to sleep; but especially when she managed to get into that stage where nobody knows where we go. Intrigued, she asks aloud what is that place where we go while we sleep, but Billie knows well that she is there right now because she hasn't woken up yet. Why don't we just ask her to give us the right answer? With a disease that has no cure; the wonder from the simplest of life to so complex that no one issues to failed to respond throughout all time, the artist suffers, enjoys and even gives herself the privilege of asking us not to call her pretty although it’s her beauty which forces us to do it. We are faced with the birth of a symbol of her generation, someone who has not been proposed to be the guide of anyone, but her fatal destiny will force her to give way to all the fears, hopes and the repressed desires of millions of young people who (like her) now face a polarized world, full of hatred, empty of expectations, but hoping to get somewhere, even if it's a town where there is nothing, knowing at least there is a place to be. In a short time, robots will threaten their existence and probably the spiral of hatred and violence that is just beginning, reaching them when she and her contemporaries are the ones who should take decisions. Will they burst into tears, in anger, or shall they stop to contemplate those ocean-colored eyes?

Written by JorgeDiaz  / Apr 26, 2019

A Dark Question To Go With A Beautifully Dark Album

One of the most pre-saved albums on Apple Music has arrived and people cannot stop talking about it. The world- or at least my Twitter timeline- is split on whether or not Billie Eilish is worth the constant talk or if she is simply overrated, which made me super excited for her debut album to be released. I first heard of Billie with her tear-jerking duet with Khalid, and shortly after she was releasing singles for her album to come. I was on the edge of my seat as the songs were intriguing in a dark and honest way. She is only 17, at the time 16, and was talking about things that no one else her age would dare. To make it better, she was drawing attention with it and the world was encapsulated by the dark honesty and thoughtfulness of a teen, and then comes When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?- the title in itself… I mean come on, who taught her to think so far outside of the box?

Written by adelemarie  / Apr 26, 2019

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Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell (/ˈaɪliʃ/, born December 18, 2001) is an American singer and songwriter. Her debut single, "Ocean Eyes", went viral. Her debut EP Don't Smile at Me was released in August 2017. The EP went on to become certified Gold by the RIAA, with five of the songs also being RIAA-certified (four Gold, one Platinum). Following the EP's success, Apple Music named Eilish as its newest Up Next artist in September 2017. Her debut studio album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? will be released in March 2019.
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