Jun 28, 2019

Beyonce Made Lemonade Out Of A Melting Pot Of Soul In Romantic Depth, History, For An Eternal Empowered Snapshot Visual.

Beyonce stuck the world with her second (considerably third) visual album Lemonade initially on HBO in on of the most conceptually sound musical visuals I think I’ve ever seen, accompanying its Tidal streaming digital release. I was so specific about everything having to take a back seat that day and had my food and snacks all ready to go because I knew it was going to be such an exciting history creating moment. The album Lemonade touched many different styles of music including hip-hop, rock, soul, blues, funk, electronic, trap, and a few others along with R&B. As Lemonade shifts from one song to the next the visual shifts so tastefully with Beyonce using poetry adapted from a variety of very powerful poems by Warsan Shire that included “The Unbearable Weight of Staying”, “For Women Who Are Difficult to Love”, “How to Wear Your Mother’s Lipstick”, “Dear Moon”, and “Nail Technician as Palm Reader”. The way that Beyonce keeps you drawn into visuals through the reciting of poetry throughout the visual album Lemonade was completely genius, captivating, and truly added even more audible value to it. Beyonce broke down the visual into eleven sections called “Intuition”, “Denial”, “Anger”, “Apathy”, “Emptiness”, “Accountability”, “Reformation”, “Forgiveness”, “Resurrection”, “Hope”, and “Redemption” and you really feel the distinct differences between each and every single one of these chapters.

Written by @cbenson from Cyclolore
Jun 28, 2019

Beyoncé’s Songs In Her Self-Titled Album Inspire My Personal Creative Juices

“We teach girls to shrink themselves / To make themselves smaller / We say to girls / "You can have ambition / But not too much / You should aim to be successful / But not too successful /” Otherwise you will threaten the man". I want to begin my narrative for Beyoncé’s self-titled album with these powerful words from Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, as featured in Beyoncé’s song “Flawless”. She says more towards the end of the song but I will reserve that for later. I am thankful that celebrities like Beyoncé use their celebrity clout to espouse advocacies that moves the human race forward, in this case, giving importance to the ambition of little girls – who – in most countries (many in Asia, actually), are swept aside due to societal pressures like marriage and child-rearing. The singer is a prime example of what a strong, smart, talented, black woman can do – she may be American – but she can also represent African women and all other black women around the world who have to play second fiddle to the patriarchy entrenched in their societies. I personally advocate education for girls because they are going to be the mothers of the future – and we all know that weak mothers may result in weakened families and unguided children indulging in drugs, crime, and other illicit activities. This album is a gem – probably her strongest work ever. I thought Beyoncé had already reached her peak with “Single Ladies” and “Love on Top”, but here – she just stretches her musical imagination to the limits – and produces mini-operettas in most of the songs – in some form of free-flowing music and verse – something which she hasn’t done before – and is not commonly done by most artists – since the songs would not be radio-friendly and might turn off many of her fans. I admit, I too did not enjoy the album immediately. It took me about three months of continuous listening before I felt that incredible spark of joy towards this album! It did help that I was continuously dancing to some of the songs in this album – “Partition”, “Mine”, and “Drunk in Love”, since they were big favorites of my dance teachers. It was like we were doing interpretative dance. I loved dancing to those songs and the choreography envisioned by my dance teachers were the most creative work I have ever danced to in my whole life as an amateur hip hop dancer LOL. That is why this album is very important to me since it taught me the importance of self-expression, of getting out of my core self, of setting my imagination free!

Written by @tonyfabelous from Fabelousity
Jun 14, 2019

Beyoncé Introduces Us to Her Alter Ego

In this album, Beyoncé took us on a long ride with her newly found alter ego, one which she introduced to as Sasha Fierce. I am... Sasha Fierce is more of an infusion of two different albums blended into one perfect album. The first part, I am... contained more of the songs that had slow, mid tempo beats, a perfect style that Beyoncé was actually known for. The following songs featured in the first part of the album “If I Were A Boy”, “Halo”, “Disappear”, “Broken Hearted Girl”, “Ave Maria”, and "Satellites". Then comes the other part of the album, Sasha Fierce. This is the part where she completely unleashed her alter ego and lets it take charge of the singing business. This part contains strong high up-tempo beats and the following songs fall in this category “Radio”, “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It), “Diva”, “Sweet Dreams”, and “Video Phone”. I Am… Sasha Fierce had its debut at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, having first-week sales of a whooping sum of 482,000 units. Between then and the year 2015, the album sold over three million copies in the United States alone. The album was so good, it got seven Grammy awards nominations and went on to breaking and also setting a new record by winning a whole six Grammy awards out of the seven nominations it got, making her the female artiste with the highest number of Grammy Awards in one night.

Written by @OBP from Omobaba Pension

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