Never Will
Ashley McBryde


Mar 06, 2019

‘Girl Going Nowhere’ Arrives At Its Classic Destination Thanks To Familiar Yet Fresh Songwriting

A newer Country fan like myself searches for the classic sounds more often than the contemporary ones, and if there is ever a new artist adhering to the old ways, I’m all the way there for him or – in this case, her; Ashley McBryde is not new on the scene per se, but clocked quite a few years on the road, developing her style while penning albums 2011 Elsebound, which featured the great track “Break It Fast”, and her 2016 album Jalopies & Expensive Guitars, which by the title alone already suggested a dedication to music over luxury. It included fantastic tracks such as “Redemption” and “Bible and A .44.” This latest gem of a record, Girl Going Nowhere, is a deceiving title for a woman I think is clearly going places -and far, thanks to her traditional musical prowess. The genre, as I have come to know it, is well respected by McBryde, from a vocal, instrumental, and songwriting standpoint. It doesn’t get more old school than this, yet within this flashback to the past, very subtle elements ground her work in the modern day, be it a contemporary chord which updates familiar ones, the hard rocking overhaul on many a track, or the patient administration of just the right amount of modern backbeat. Plus, you can just tell there’s a story behind all of these tracks, as her biography cites that she has been on the road for a long time, dive bar to dive bar, probably seeing a thing or two. Just looking at all her tattoos, I have a feeling these dives were of the ‘Biker’ variety. As well, there are great detours, like “Southern Babylon”, which contains a sexy jazz lounge shuffle that would totally work in a steamy, 50 Shades style movie, and “Livin’ Next to Leroy”, which can compete with the alternative nature of many songs by one of my favorite Country re-imaginers, Sheryl Crow.

Written by @taylor

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