Mind of Mine (Deluxe Edition)


Released in 2016, 18 tracks, 60 min

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"Mind of Mine (Deluxe Edition)"

Nobody Asked For It, But Here’s The Story Of How A Mind Like Mine Turned From A Non-Directioner Into A Hardcore ZAYN Fanatic

I will gladly be the first to tell people that I was never a fan of One Direction. I just… didn’t understand the hype. What was so great about them? Their songs were incredibly generic and they all sounded the same. There really was no good reason for them to be as big as they were. It was all thanks to their determined fan army of 12 year old girls. Seriously, whose idea was it to give little girls access to music services? And, more importantly, how did they get so much power in determining what would be popular? It’s basically the same painful instance that brought Justin Bieber to stardom. They think “Ooh, this guy is somewhat attractive. His music must be good.” And that’s the story of One Direction, but instead of one guy, it’s five. Sure, I can admit that I don’t hate Liam Payne’s face, but I wouldn’t go as far as to claim that someone’s music is extraordinary because I would like to possibly touch faces with them. Don’t get me wrong, I completely acknowledge their vocal skills, I just find them to be quite underwhelming. I’m sure we all remember the day when ZAYN announced his official departure from the group, and the fan girls of Twitter and Instagram flooded your feed with their cries and complaints. All my friends and I just sat back and laughed at how something that honestly wasn’t a big deal, was able to upset an entire group of people. I thought that this hopefully meant that we wouldn’t have anymore One Direction music shoved into our faces every 5 minutes. Well, it didn’t happen. They decided to release one more album following ZAYN’s exit with lead single “Drag Me Down,” that I admittedly, didn’t hate, but still failed to truly captivate me. After another forgettable release from the British boys, they officially went on hiatus, and we didn’t hear much from any of them until ZAYN’s official solo release. Again, I wasn’t expecting much from him. I wasn’t even a fan… but then all of that changed.

May 17, 2019

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"Mind of Mine (Deluxe Edition)"

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"Mind of Mine (Deluxe Edition)"

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"Mind of Mine (Deluxe Edition)"

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"Mind of Mine (Deluxe Edition)"

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"Mind of Mine (Deluxe Edition)"

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"Mind of Mine (Deluxe Edition)"

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"Mind of Mine (Deluxe Edition)"



  • Mar 25, 2016


  • Pop

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