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We All Shine

Album by YNW Melly
2019, 16 tracks, 57 mins 14 sec


Feb 01, 2019

Whoa, What Has Happened To Rap? Ask YNW Melly, The Mumbliest Of Them All

Look what Lil Wayne started? First off, it’s a trip that his naturally off the hook album should come out just a short time before an album like YNW Melly’s We All Shine, because he indirectly birthed all of these rappers, and now they are all grown up, and allowed by the major labels to coexist with Weezy, yet without a toenail of his talent. Wayne is the one who contorted his vocals into goblin speak whenever he needed a extra creative edge, but not to the detriment of the content. All these cats grew up listening to this talented man, and thought ‘shoot – I can do what he does’. Drake took some of his best flows off his mentor, adding much more of a sing song quality, and so that style got thrown into the loop, and then Future comes in with the auto tune I suspect trying to channel electric Wayne, and this sound was followed by the extreme mash up of all versions, Young Thug, who the new rappers think they are emulating, but it all mostly came from one man who to this day still can’t be touched lyrically. In his defense, two things I will say about YNW is that he’s young, and his beats have a technical polish on them that is undeniable. Probably to his mind, he is treating his audience to great variety, choosing to Trap hard, or lightly, and to mumble with a thick Floridian accent, or sing – its all in his bag of tricks. But having become accustomed to the poor state of Hip Hop so long that I am pretty much desensitized to what most old heads would call trash, this album, and this artist, is one of those times which catches my notice at just how truly annoying these rappers’ voices can sound in 2019.

Written by @taylor
Feb 01, 2019

For The First Time In Ages, Trap Sounds Fresh On YNW Melly’s Powerufl We All Shine

Different sonic movements naturally come & go over the years throughout the music industry, with the Hip Hop market being particularly susceptible to popular trends as younger musicians try desperately to carve out a scene for themselves in an industry that’s literally seen it all. Of the trends that’ve made a significant impact on the industry, Trap has managed to permeated nearly every genre, with everyone from daytime television news anchors appropriating the style for their silly segment jingles to more Pop-centric Rock acts OneRepublic & Imagine Dragons even infusing their Stadium Rock tunes with the aesthetic, turning Trap as a whole into a laughable farce of the streetwise genre it was only a mere four years ago – Seeing room for improvement, relative-newcomer YNW Melly adds a vocal energy to the tired subgenre on his latest album We All Shine, delivering the heart & soul of youth culture into his mixes with a desire to promote compelling stories that tell much more than his club-mentality obsessed contemporaries, coming from behind with a shockingly entertaining record that updates a sound so many have already begun to pass up. It’s easy to write him off as yet-another SoundClouder with a knack for emotional storytelling, but he transcends the current scene in new & inventive ways that only get better with each playthrough, elevating his music to an artistic status you genuinely don’t see coming if you only skim his most popular tracks.




Album Info

"We All Shine"



  • Jan 18, 2019


  • Rap