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We Three

Album by We Three
2018, 13 tracks, 46 mins 35 sec


Feb 01, 2019

We Three Prove They’re More Than Just Reality Show Fodder

In the grand scheme of things, Reality Show competitions have pretty much been around since the early days of popular television media, with all manner of middle-American contestants trying their hand at achieving fame with that one special song that could prove what natural talent they might have, but it was really the hit ABC series American Idol that catapulted such shows to the industry-changing platforms they are today, giving the so-called ‘little guy’ a chance at hitting it big on the radio among the best of ‘em to become modern-day Popstars without nearly as much struggle. As the years went on, American Idol naturally waned in popularity whilst alternative series’ like X-Factor & America’s Got Talent evolved into monumental successes, the latter of the two pulling in absolutely insane nightly ratings the likes of which Idol could only dream of – In the latest iteration of this Simon Sowell-fronted program, sibling Pop group We Three stood a cut above the rest, even though they ultimately didn’t place in the finals, capturing the hearts of millions with original song after original song, their wholesome charms boosting the appeal of their innate talent as they pull modern audiences’ focus back towards the Indie Folk movement of yesteryear, or rather the late-noughties; Barely a few months after their elimination, they’ve got their own self-titled record to share packed full of such talent & a whole lot of moxie to boot, but how far can that initial spark of interest take them? Well, surprisingly far, actually.




Album Info

"We Three"



  • Dec 14, 2018


  • New JazzNJLP 8210


  • Esmond Edwards


  • Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey


We Three is an album recorded by American drummer Roy Haynes with Phineas Newborn and Paul Chambers in 1958 for the New Jazz label.
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