The Thrill of It All

AlbumbySam Smith

Released in 2017, 10 tracks, 38 min

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"The Thrill of It All"

The Piano, His Vocals, Or The Melody, Which Attracts You Most To Sam Smith's "The Thrill Of It All" Album?

Sometimes when people ask questions that they don't need your candid opinion on, but just want your affirmative answer or some sort of agreement, they end it with yes or yes?, right or right? etc. Like, you are a student, yes or yes?, tea is something you drink in your home every morning, yes or yes? That's because they have already convinced themselves and concluded in their minds that there can only be one correct opinion or answer about the matter and that that correct opinion is there's. It's a fun thing to do actually and most times it is not to be taken very seriously. Of course people will always have the right to offer their candid opinions on matters too and that's just fine. It doesn't matter if their opinion is right or wrong, it's a right they have, and that brings me to my question. If you've listened to Sam Smith's The Thrill Of It All album, do you think it is fantastic or just phenomenal? Here's another word "Badass"? Yes I have listened to that piece of music and I have convinced myself and concluded that it is great. But not everyone will feel the same way and that is fine because of the obvious - people have a right to their opinion. But what if you have not listened to it yet? Could my opinion influence you and probably move you to take a decision? I'm hoping that the latter happens. I am not going to be like most people who just want others to flow with their opinions on matters of personal interest, so I'm not going to force an answer on you. But whatever happens, there are certain elements of this album that are very obvious and cannot be easily overlooked. Elements that are deeply rooted in the whole essence of why music is made. This simply means that this album has different features including the message passed, the correlation, but among them the most conspicuous are the use of the piano, the vocals and the melody.

Written by @timuwakwe from NaviCorp
Jun 20, 2019

The 27 year old musician delivers his second stunner- an album full of heartbroken emotions

The twenty-seven-year-old English musician Sam Smith, who has worked on a range of music genres including soul, R&B and pop music, has released his second studio album The Thrill of It All in November 2017 through Capitol Records which is composed of genres like soul and orchestral pop. Before this, his debut album In the Lonely Hour that was released in 2014 was extremely successful and twelve million copies were sold worldwide. The album The Thrill of It All has a total of ten tracks that run for an overall approximate time of thirty-six minutes. Later, four additional bonus tracks were added in the special edition. The album mostly received positive reviews from the music critics and listeners. The Rolling Stone Magazine, NME, and British newspapers like The Daily Telegraph and The Independent rated the album 4 out of 5 stars, while AllMusic and Siant Magazine rated it 3.5 stars. The Daily Telegraph and The Independent were largely positive about the album and they praised Sam Smith’s vocals, calling them “supernatural” and “wonderful”. AllMusic placed the album above the previous one because of the consistency and intensity. However, it also received some mixed reviews. The Guardian rated it 3 stars stating that it could be much more potent album if it was polished a little more. The Observer rated it only 2 stars stating that there is just “plenty of shorthand (sad pianos)” and “a total absence of risk”. The album received an overall aggregate score of 72 on Metacritic. The album also received significant commercial success in various countries across the planet. It was featured in many music charts across the world and it also debuted at the number one position on US Billboard 200, Canadian Albums (Billboard) and in countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, Norway and Netherlands. The album was also featured at number two at the ARIA Albums Chart in Australia. Overall, this is indeed a wonderful album with captivating piano tunes, chorus sections, handclaps and Sam Smith’s excellent vocals with whispering high tenor and great falsetto techniques.

Written by @Soulbyweekly from SoulByweekly
Jun 14, 2019

Smith’s The Thrill of It All Is A Beautiful Broken Record

The Thrill of It All is an autobiographical album by Sam Smith. That means that the very emotional, or better put, emotionally in tune artist is pouring his heart out about insecurities, loneliness, and the overall state of not being able to win at love. Has anyone ever noticed how some balladeers are so depressing, writing about the same themes which almost border on self-hate? It reminds me of a male friend who can’t get a girl no matter what he does – and in his case, rather than work on himself, he blames the whole female race, while I implore him to see that girls will give him a chance only after he starts to love himself more. My guess is Smith has some of that going on. This album in my opinion is the male version of an Adele album. Her work is a similar ‘can’t win attitude’ I find. If I was to make an autobiographical work, I wouldn’t laden it so much with tracks about losing. “Baby, You Make Me Crazy” is the only song that is proactive about breaking up because Sam decides to “drown him out tonight” by calling up his sisters for a distracting music filled night out. I’ve been ‘that’ sister many times for my friend. Lately though, I don’t have time for such depressed individuals, because their self hating attitude tends to be a broken record. Specifically, my friend also turns the conversation to us, and if there’s a possibility, and that also is a broken record. Sam Smith is talented, famous, got himself into shape, and has so much going for him. What is the problem then? I think perhaps it is self confidence.

Written by @BB.Boston
Apr 24, 2019

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"The Thrill of It All"

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"The Thrill of It All"

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"The Thrill of It All"

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"The Thrill of It All"



  • Nov 03, 2017


  • Pop


  • Capitol


  • Steve Fitzmaurice (also exec.)
  • Jimmy Napes (also exec.)
  • Brendan Grieve
  • Malay
  • Tyler Johnson
  • StarGate
  • Emile Haynie
  • Timbaland


The Thrill of It All is the second studio album by English singer and songwriter Sam Smith. It was released on 3 November 2017 through Capitol Records.
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