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Released in 2014, 5 tracks, 19 min

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Discover Where Pop Prince Troye Sivan First Made His Sonic Splash On ‘TRXYE – EP’

I discovered Troye Sivan a little out of sequence – having noticed several interesting singles on the album Blue Neighborhood, but not really appreciating his sonic stature until hearing the album Bloom. I appreciate his mix of tender balladry and club House rhythms – styles which he lends much emotional Soul singing power to, while the content, addressed towards male rather than female lovers, is compelling irregardless of whether listeners are heterosexual or LGBQT. That is the power of well executed Pop, and a big reason why Troye Sivan can delight all audiences while being unafraid to talk love and lust (sometimes with graphic analogies being made in the case of track “Bloom”) in reference to his ‘coming out’ and his on and off relationship music about men. Not since George Michael has there been a Pop artist who has been able to be ‘out’ whilst also achieving extreme marketability, though Michael’s sexuality only became known much later in his career – and likewise, society has thankfully progressed enough I feel where we can all watch a homoerotic music video like Sivan’s “My My My!” and concede at the very least – ‘damn, this is a hot video.’ Well, “My My My!” represents the confident sex symbol version of Sivan, but it all started perhaps more humbly in 2014 after this YouTuber, singer contestant, and blossoming actor released TRXYE – EP, a wavy and surprisingly well produced EP which I slept on at the time, though if I had been up on this 5 track album, I think I would have considered it some of the best Pop of that year. If memory serves, 2014 really sucked for Synth Pop, with an abundance of copycat acts. While TRXYE – EP doesn’t reinvent the wheel in terms of Synth Pop or Alternative R&B, what it does do is present real fresh melodic notes, great beat patterns, and very satisfying vocals from the dynamic Sivan, as he invites us to a sometimes dark, sometimes bright, but always seductive sound.

Written by @taylor
Mar 28, 2019

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  • Aug 15, 2014


  • Dance-Pop
  • Pop

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