Blue Neighbourhood

AlbumbyTroye Sivan

Released in 2015, 15 tracks, 60 min

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"Blue Neighbourhood"

Newbie fresh out of the blues reaches azure in a mind captivating way

2015 was a year titans in the music industry released their albums to the world. This development made new comers in the music industry to stay the hell out of sight because no reasonable person would pick an album from a music toddler to that of music giants like Adele. Despite these threats, Troye Sivan released his debut album Blue Neighborhood as a newbie in the music industry. This singular act alone caught my attention and made me tag him the newbie with large balls. Troye Sivan is a South-African born Australian singer, actor and song writer whose life story is similar to that of fellow artist and gay boy, Todrick Hall. He gained popularity as a Vlogger and YouTuber when his channel recorded more than 3.7 million subscribers. The Internet is to be thanked for the sudden hike in the career of many young artistes who have reached their peak without metamorphosing through tedious stages before gaining world recognition. Troye is adored by lots of teenager’s courtesy of well, his beautiful vocals and the paroxysms embedded in his lyrics. He came out as gay in 2013 and is loved for his pouty lips that drives ladies crazy. Troye Sivan's debut album Blue Neighborhood has high production qualities and makes the world come to the realization that he's definitely a kid that has been around the block for a while but yet stayed unnoticed. The album is an extraordinary pop record. Something quite magnetic about the electro-pop artist is his effortless vocals, theatrical lyrics that leaves one flabbergasted wondering if such deep thoughts can come from a fresher. The album was released on 4th December 2015 under record labels EMI Music Australia and Capitol Records America preceded the singer’s EP album, TRXYE. The lyrics to Blue Neighborhood are romantic, strong and sexy where he narrates gay love stories of his youthful exuberance. Though the singer does not display vocal strength but is definitely a nice choice for the road.

Jun 14, 2019

Troye Sivan Does Pop That Is Earnest, Atmospheric, and Brooding

I grew up with pop music that is fun (Culture Club’s “Karma Chameleon”), naughty “Material Girl” (Madonna), and empowering (Debbie Gibson – “Electric Youth”), that is why when I scan the pop landscape of the mid- to late-teenies of this century, I am intrigued to see pop that is littered with heartbreak and pain (Adele, Sam Smith), to artists who write songs that would make their ex-loves squirm in their seats (Taylor Swift), and then there are those fun ones who make danceable homages to an earlier era (Bruno Mars). Even then, it accurately depicts this generation’s anxious search for life answers and immediate gratification from what they perceive as their aimless and empty lives. In today’s world, teenagers and young adults shamelessly project everything they feel, what they eat, where they are, who they are dating, what they are wearing – basically almost all the aspects of their lives for the outside world to see (leaving almost nothing to the imagination), making them vulnerable to judgment and derision. Through the different platforms of social media, they try their best to create these immaculately blissful lives, obliterating those which may seem offensive to their social standing and to their clique of friends. The presence of all those songs by those pop artists is is understandable. To make the list even more interesting, add to it Australian social media maven Troye Sivan whose self-assured debut album, Blue Neighborhood brings to the fore his unique experiences as a gay man, someone who takes control of his life at a very young age – saying when, where and how to out himself and then composing these great set of songs with the earnestness of a person who only wants authenticity and no shade.

Written by @tonyfabelous from Fabelousity
May 24, 2019

Queer Artistry Finds Its Rightful Place In Pop Music Thanks To Troye Sivan’s Stunning Debut Blue Neighbourhood

At this point in time, the name Troye Sivan is probably quite familiar. “He’s that gay pop star from Australia who did a song with Ariana Grande.” Well, while all of that is true, there was a time when mentioning the name Troye Sivan would receive a response of confusion. I remember the good ol’ days when he was considered a “new artist” and I could tell people all about his greatness without them having any prior knowledge of his artistry. A lot of new fans were made this way, so you’re welcome Troye Sivan. Fast-forward 5 years later, Troye Sivan is probably one of the more well-known queer pop artists, along with former Disney Channel star, “Lesbian Jesus” Hayley Kiyoko. Together, they ushered in one of the greatest years for queer recognition in the popular music media last year with what some fans (including myself) called “20GAYTEEN.” Now, this landmark year in queer visibility comes a bit later in Troye Sivan’s story. He actually got his start on YouTube, with fans tuning into his vlogs to see him do… well, whatever people do on vlogs. Admittedly, I wasn’t into the YouTuber trend. I had many friends who would worship these random guys on the Internet, most likely because of their looks. I couldn’t really get behind watching someone do absolutely nothing for 10 minutes because he was the slightest bit attractive. That was never the reason why I got into Troye Sivan — though I don’t dislike his face, to be fair. I became a fan of Troye Sivan when he started to release music, beginning with his exceptional debut hit “Happy Little Pill.” I knew of his name because a college friend of mine showed me a YouTube video of his once in the library, and even though I did my best to act like I cared about the mundane thing that he was doing in the video, it was his music that immediately captivated me. Fast-forward to his debut album Blue Neighbourhood, an album that not only meant much to me at the time, but still does even today.

May 17, 2019

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"Blue Neighbourhood"

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"Blue Neighbourhood"

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"Blue Neighbourhood"

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"Blue Neighbourhood"

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"Blue Neighbourhood"

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"Blue Neighbourhood"


  • Jul 15, 2015


  • Pop


  • EMI Australia
  • Capitol


  • Jack Antonoff
  • Emile Haynie
  • Alex JL Hiew
  • Alex Hope
  • Dann Hume
  • Bram Inscore
  • Pip Norman
  • Caleb Nott


Blue Neighbourhood is the debut studio album by Australian singer and songwriter Troye Sivan. It was released internationally on 4 December 2015 via EMI Music Australia and Capitol Records America. The album is preceded by Sivan's fourth extended play Wild, which served as a 6-song opening installment to Blue Neighbourhood.
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