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Released in 2018, 10 tracks, 38 min

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Troye Sivan is more of a gay icon than a musician and the fame he is enjoying today is due to the former, his music is not really that good.

Australia has once again managed to produce yet another pop artist and he just released his second album Bloom. Troye Sivan quickly rose to fame for quite controversial reasons. His personal life which really isn’t so personal anymore has been the root cause of the controversy but despite all these, his sound has somehow managed to remain decent to say the most. The artist so far has had a lot of things come to him very easily, he had what is probably one of the easiest coming out in the world. Unlike other gay individuals, he came out to meet a world that loved and supported him. In return, it seems he decided to dedicate his lyrics to making the world accept people like himself. While that is really cool and everything, it still seems to me like he is wasting a lot of potential. The artist has enjoyed a huge amount of success from the gay community. So much so that his actual sound does not really matter. No one can dispute the fact that he is good but he is not that good. The attention he is getting is simply because the world reveres him as a gay icon not necessarily because his sound is really exceptional. Yeah! He has been compared to a few R&B stars but that does not really hold much water. His sound is hardly above average. I’m not saying that what he is doing is wrong or anything, all I am saying is he could be a lot better. The artist has truly excellent vocals and he is a truly exceptional conversational singer but there still seems to be something missing in his sound. It’s really hard to explain, it’s kind of like having power without money. Whatever the case, I think he could accomplish so much more if he puts a little more effort into his music.

Jun 20, 2019

Bloom: Where Being Gay Is Not An Issue To Be Accepted By Fans Worldwide Anymore

That an artist has to hide his or her real sexuality to pander to the norms of an audience he or she is trying to break through and be accepted is a mark against how intolerant an audience is and not on how creative or honest the artist is. Although there are several openly gay and highly successful artists out there – Elton John, Sam Smith, Melissa Etheridge, I haven’t found a template that quite follows the careful yet boldly planned audacity of Aussie newcomer Troye Sivan to just wear his heart out on his sleeve at his first introduction to the masses. This may be due to the increased tolerance of the young audience to artists and their sexuality and the open discussion today’s social media platforms allow. It also helps that Troye is savvy in handling all these platforms that have allowed him to grow up in front of his targeted audience. Of course, all this talk of gayness is a minor issue because in the real music world – your music has to connect with an audience first, otherwise, all that coming out and the drama that goes with it would be an exercise in futility – and gimmickry (if you can call being queer as one) can only get you so far. Bloom is Troye Sivan’s second album and his most polished to date (well, he’s had two EPs and a debut album) and he has been growing in maturity and sophistication in every release he has made. In my own personal awards for international artists last year, Troye Sivan was up there for Entertainer of the Year, Album of the Year and had two slots in the Record of the Year. That’s how dominant his music was in my personal playlist – and I’m sure I am not alone in feeling that way.

Written by @tonyfabelous from Fabelousity
Apr 26, 2019

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  • Aug 31, 2018


  • Pop


  • EMI Australia
  • Capitol


  • Oscar Holter
  • Alex Hope
  • Bram Inscore
  • Jam City
  • Oscar Görres
  • Ariel Rechtshaid
  • Buddy Ross
  • Bobby Krlic


Bloom is the second studio album by Australian singer and songwriter Troye Sivan, released on 31 August 2018 through EMI Australia and Capitol Records. The album follows up his 2015 debut studio album, Blue Neighbourhood, and features guest appearances from Gordi and Ariana Grande. It was preceded by the release of the singles "My My My!", "The Good Side", "Bloom", "Dance to This" and "Animal".
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