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"Center Point Road"

May 13, 2019

Thomas Rhett’s “Remember You Young” Is A Nostalgic Tearjerker

Written by @crystalcarder / 6 mins read

I can't remember the last time a song came on the radio and it struck a chord with me. Maybe it was in 2018 when Cole Swindell song, "Dad's Old Number" peaked on the Billboard Top 100. The song which Cole Swindell sung about calling his dad's old number up and realizing it wasn't his dad's number anymore, brought out a ton of emotions. It made me think about those who I've lost in my family too soon and how hard it is to realize they're gone sometimes. Songs like that one don't come on the radio that often. Maybe it's because people don't want to hear those sad songs. People want to hear catchy tunes that make them think back to their youth and make their lives fill fun. With all the stresses of the world today; the hurt and the pain I completely understand why most artists tend to stray away from emotional songs about real-life, but every once in a while it's still nice to hear one come on the radio. That's why when I heard Thomas Rhett's new song, "Remember You Young," it brought up a ton of mixed emotions that I was happy to feel again. Even though the song made me sad to think about how fast life goes, it also made me think back to happy times and memories in my life that I hadn't thought about in years.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

“Remember You Young” is the second song from Thomas Rhett’s third coveted album, Center Point Road which promises to be one of Thomas Rhett’s most personal albums to date. In the past, Rhett has sung songs about His love for his wife (“Die a Happy Man”), his real-life love story (“Marry Me”) and he’s even had a few fun songs that quickly toppled the charts. It seems like everything the young singer touches turns to gold, but in reality, fans just can’t get enough of the adorable young singer and his family. Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, even have a love story that is fit for the movies. The couple met when they were just kids in the 1st grade at their Valdosta, Georgia elementary school. The pair spent a lot of time together growing up and even dated briefly in their teenage years. While the pair quickly called it quits, they decided to stay best friends and spent a lot of time together growing up. When the pair got older, they almost married other people until Lauren's dad (thankfully) intervened. Her dad told Thomas Rhett that he better tell his daughter how he felt, or he would tell her. By then, Lauren had broken up with her boyfriend and Thomas Rhett quickly moved in. It wasn't long before the pair shared a kiss and got engaged just six months later. At just 22 years old, many people tried to discourage the young couple-in-love, but Luke Bryan wasn't one of them. It wasn't long before the couple got married and if anyone was doubting the two, no one was after their wedding. Since getting married, the young country star hasn't been shy about sharing his feelings for his wife. In fact, Thomas Rhett penned his chart-topping hit single, "Die a Happy Man" about his love for his wife.

Two Under Two!

In 2017 the young couple announced that they were adopting a daughter from Uganda. Meanwhile, the news was short lived as he and his wife, Lauren announced they were pregnant! Like a scene, straight out of a movie, the couple welcomed to daughters to their family in the span of a few months. The young hitmaker even created a song of how surreal his life had gotten with his 2018 chart-topper, "Life Changes." In the song, Thomas Rhett talks about how he never thought he would be a singer people liked and how a life happened that he didn’t plan. As you can tell, Thomas Rhett isn't afraid to let his more personal-side out for his fans, and we couldn't be happier he isn't.

A Beautiful Mix of Emotions

“Remember You Young” comes one month before Thomas Rhett’s new album and is the second song title released from this album. With his first song title, "Look What God Gave Her," Thomas Rhett earned the highest chart-topping debut of his career and the song peaked on the Billboard's Hot Country Song list. While "Remember You Young" was just released on Friday, the song already has almost a half million views on YouTube and is sure to be another top song for the country hitmaker. The song which is a nostalgic ballad, has Thomas Rhett looking back on memory lane and it will have you doing the same. With lyrics that talk about God and Heaven, family and friends; it is one that is sure to bring out feelings of mixed emotions. In fact, when the song starts to talk about his babies crawling on the floor and how they won't stay little for long, I almost lost it. As a mother of three kids, I know those feelings of watching your children grow up and how in our minds we will never see our kids as old as they are. If you're not in a parent or are still refusing to feel the emotions in this song, the ending of the song will most definitely get your emotions because it’s about heaven and God. This isn’t the first time the young singer has gotten personal singing about God. His early-career single, “Beer With Jesus” was also an emotional song that sang about Jesus and what they would talk about over a beer. This time, though, Thomas Rhett isn’t just talking about meeting Jesus, he is talking about something way more personal - heaven and forgiveness. Through the lyrics, Thomas Rhett sings that he hopes God see us as kids that we once were and forgives all the wrong that we did. This song is probably Thomas Rhett’s most emotional song, to-date, and it is one that proves how talented the young singer is. While many singers find success in singing about partying, heartbreak, and more, Thomas Rhett’s success comes from the one thing that makes him so happy, his family.

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"Center Point Road"


  • May 31, 2019


  • Country


  • Big Machine


  • Thomas Rhett
  • Dann Huff
  • Jesse Frasure
  • Julian Bunetta
  • The Stereotypes
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Center Point Road is the fourth studio album by American country music singer Thomas Rhett, released on May 31, 2019, through Big Machine Records. It was supported by the lead single "Look What God Gave Her". Rhett co-wrote and co-produced all 16 tracks on the album, sharing production duties with Dann Huff, Jesse Frasure, Julian Bunetta, The Stereotypes, and Cleve Wilson. The album also features collaborations with Little Big Town, Jon Pardi, and Kelsea Ballerini.
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