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Ego Death

Album by The Internet
2015, 12 tracks, 56 mins 51 sec


May 31, 2019

My First Time With The Internet

Think back to the first you heard any artists that you love today for the very first time. Sure, we may remember the first song or album but do we remember the experience? I definitely have one story that stands out. It was a breezy late summer night in Las Vegas at The Boulevard Pool, located atop the beautiful trendy Cosmopolitan Hotel. Thanks to my phone’s camera roll, I can state with confidence the date was September 24th, 2014. Me and my girlfriend at the time arrived early to see one of our favorite artists Jhene Aiko as she embarked on her headlining tour in support of her debut album Souled Out. While many opening acts are average at best, depending on the venue and the type of ticket, standing general admission in our case, arriving early is imperative because as you may know finding the “right spot” is the most important thing. So, we purchased our drinks, two each so we were sure to not have to return; and headed to as close to the stage as possible. After several minutes passed by some artists emerged to the stage and arranged themselves behind instruments. I thought to myself “Great, her band is taking place, Jhene is about to come on.” Not so fast. Another member walked onto the stage and stood in front of the lead mic and introduced themselves after asking us “Yall ready to see Jhene?” Or something like that. Give me a break, this was 5 years ago. Nonetheless, they began performing and while I don’t remember their set, I do remember myself and my date that evening both being captivated by just how good they were. Track after track played and we became more interested in knowing who they were, and where we could find more of their music. The instrumentation, stage presence, and the lead singer’s voice were all A1 and made that night even more memorable for the both of us. It wasn’t until they left the stage that I realized, I had no idea what their names were. Remember when I told you we had 2 drinks? Well that turned into 4. Anyways, Jhene reintroduced them to us and asked us if we enjoyed, to which everyone cheered. Now, I was on the look out for more from The Internet.




Album Info

"Ego Death"


  • Jun 26, 2015


  • R&B