Sick Boy

AlbumbyThe Chainsmokers

Released in 2018, 10 tracks, 33 min

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"Sick Boy"

The Chainsmokers Continue To Present Pop That Can Be Both Cringey And Creative

It was suggested that I listen to The Chainsmoker’s new album because they have a newer, more original production value, relying on some organic instrumentals and more of the pop duo’s vocal contributions. First of all, I commend DJs and producers who take up the challenge to offer more than collaborations and remixes – and on this point, The Chainsmoker’s work hard to put themselves up front and center on tracks such as “Beach House”, “Sick Boy”, “Everybody Hates Me”, and “You Owe Me”, while numerous other tracks will find them sharing some singing duties with the feature artist. I think that they do possess, as a singing duo, a basic ability to get their melodic messages across – yet, their sound is not only derivative of Pop or Alternative artists such as Gnash and Twenty one pilots, respectfully, but on specific tracks, the quality of their vocalization is so unbelievably whiney and nasally that I shudder to listen to the whole song. Hey, I don’t mind a nasal delivery if it is backed by some Soul – Stevie Wonder, who has a basically universally agreed upon dynamic style, is in itself more nasally than others, and I can remember having a hard tie conceptualizing the worth of his voice whilst arguing with a Rock fan who simply hated his out-of-the-nose belting. But that’s real singing. The Chainsmoker’s never said they were singers, but they are ‘producer extraordinaries’ to the ears of the Pop scene – are they not? So how come that can’t hear how unattractive they sound? If you can’t sell it, find someone who can – is what I say.

Written by @taylor
Mar 11, 2019

The Chainsmokers Try To Push Forward With Sick Boy, But Just Can’t Seem To Innovate

When it comes to The Chainsmokers, there’re essentially two camps of people: Those who think they’re the second coming of Christ, like some sort of phenomenal electronic duo who cannot do wrong & those who think they’re a scourge to the overarching electronic music scene, pushing the genre & the entire music industry as a whole in the completely wrong direction as far as trends & popular aesthetics are concerned. For years, I was part of the second group, quickly turning off the radio if one of their songs came on & using them as a scapegoat for my hatred whenever someone who was clearly influenced by their music released a similar-sounding composition, feeling like their continued fame would keep the industry from progressing so long as mainstream listeners kept lapping up every generic monstrosity they dropped; But then, something drastically changed & my attention was once-again turned towards the goofy-looking duo, only this time I was actually interested in what they were putting out – This change was , of course, Sick Boy, the second studio album from the group & a possible sign of them finally growing up as musicians, presenting audiences with a harder, much darker sound & a more varied set of sonic techniques throughout the record. Now, instead of hearing the same boring Tropical House bops & Future Bass ballads like “Paris” or “Something Just Like This” I was genuinely intrigued with

Feb 01, 2019

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"Sick Boy"

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"Sick Boy"

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"Sick Boy"

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"Sick Boy"

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"Sick Boy"

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"Sick Boy"

Album Info

"Sick Boy"


  • Dec 14, 2018


  • Electronic


  • Disruptor
  • Columbia


  • The Chainsmokers
  • Alex Pall (exec.)
  • Sly
  • Chris Lyon
  • Shaun Frank
  • Aazar
  • Adam Alpert (exec.)


Sick Boy is the second studio album by American DJ and producer duo The Chainsmokers. It was released on December 14, 2018, via Disruptor and Columbia Records. The album features collaborations with French DJ Aazar and fellow American DJ NGHTMRE as well as co-production from Sly, Chris Lyon, and Shaun Frank, and writing credits from frequent co-writer Emily Warren, Kate Morgan, Drew Love of THEY., Tony Ann, Corey Sanders, and Chelsea Jade.
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