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Magical Mystery Tour

Album by The Beatles
1967, 11 tracks, 30 mins 1 sec


Jun 14, 2019

Magical Mystery Tour, a trip to a different destination

After many years of dreaming of the day when I could visit the land of my adolescence heroes, The Beatles, I was finally able to schedule a trip to see all those places that are mentioned in many of their songs but, above all, in the album Magical Mystery Tour. So passionate I am, that in a space of three years, I went twice to Liverpool, a place that gave birth to all this madness and, to the greatest popular music composers of the twentieth century. I was so careful when planning this trip, buying tickets online for my trips and other things, that I ended up being a friend of the tour guide who organizes the tour that is called Magical Mystery Tour. Uploaded on a bus that is the replica of the one used by The Beatles for the filming of the movie or whatever it was (remember that all their films are very bad, sorry), and listening to a lot of their music in an old cassette player, for be in tune with the vintage concept, the tour takes you through the most emblematic points and that come to be mentioned in the songs of the Fab Four. I must say that I had very good company in my two trips to Liverpool, and for being the person who loves me the most, she allowed me to buy everything I wanted. It was like a child (both times) and that was probably what was happening to me since as a child it would never have been possible for me to visit that place. And because of that, I went back and felt the fascination I felt when I read his story while listening to one of his albums. When I realized that there was a clock with the image of The Beatles, I wanted it. And if around the corner there was another clock, with another image of them, I wanted it too! And all my wishes were fulfilled by the one who loves me the most. Obliged to buy all his discography on CDs, shirts, posters, wallets, cufflinks, cup holders and ... more watches. The truth is that the guide guy was always very nice and, truthfully or not, told anecdotes related to the Fab Four that made the journey just fun. In fact, passing near the Liverpool train station, he said that one of those streets was where "Maggie Mae" worked, which is totally inaccurate, because the song performed in Let It Be, is nothing more than the interpretation of a subject of the public domain in England and that speaks originally of the port of London. That never really happened in the life of The Beatles who only sang an old song that was heard in the bars of Liverpool in past eras. But who cares? We were fun and the two trips were a success.

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio




Album Info

"Magical Mystery Tour"


  • Nov 27, 1967


  • Pop


  • Parlophone (UK)Capitol (US)


  • George Martin


  • EMI Studios, London; Olympic Sound Studios, London; Chappell Sound Studios, London


Magical Mystery Tour is an album by the English rock band the Beatles that was released as a double EP in the United Kingdom and an LP in the United States. Produced by George Martin, it includes the soundtrack to the 1967 film of the same name. The EP was issued in the UK on 8 December 1967 on the Parlophone label, while the Capitol Records LP release in the US occurred on 27 November and featured eleven tracks with the addition of songs from the band's 1967 singles. The first release as an eleven-track LP in the UK did not occur until 1976.
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