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Abbey Road (Remastered)

Album by The Beatles
1969, 17 tracks, 47 mins 28 sec


Jun 28, 2019

Abbey Road, the road that everyone wants to walk

There I was for the first time in my life, it was a long wait, I could not believe it. In fact, I never thought that I would ever be there because, although I always dreamed of that day, different circumstances of my life prevented me from believing that I could achieve it. But fortunately, I could and finally I was standing in front of the recording studios where the greatest number of musical successes of my childhood and adolescence heroes were recorded. At that time it was obvious that no one could go inside the studios and all the tourists swarmed on the sidewalk to take a picture of the plaque and be able to have proof that they were there when they returned to their homes after the trip to London, among other things, to make a pilgrimage to that sacred temple (I am sure that many fans consider it that way). I prefer to only see the places and I am almost an enemy of cameras and selfies; I think I keep the best pictures in my mind, and they are very good there. But who was with me, the woman of my life is the best friend and ally of the photos. As much as I ask her not to take pictures of me, she insists. Always perfectionist, it takes centuries to find the best angle, the most favorable light, wait for everyone to leave there to capture what she wants as a frame or background ... from a simple photograph! Sometimes I have to wait a long time under the sun or the rain without moving and in the place that she indicates until everything is all and in accordance with what she believes will be the perfect photograph. If I do not, the problem will be huge. And since I love her very much, with everything and my annoyance I cooperate; However, when it comes to something that for me represents an excess and an imitation of what all people do, I always defend my point of not wanting photos posing or doing what, because it is obvious and predictable behavior, is ridiculous. And that was exactly what happened on Abbey Road. Everyone comes with one goal in mind: to take a picture in that pedestrian crossing that The Beatles made famous on the cover of what would actually be the last one they recorded as a band. Returning to the religious sense that many of us give to the Fab Four, before my eyes the prophecy written by John Lennon for this album was fulfilled: "Come Together.”

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio




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"Abbey Road (Remastered)"


  • Sep 26, 1969