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Unfortunately, Terror Jr

Album by Terror Jr
2019, 15 tracks, 47 mins 44 sec


Mar 04, 2019

Technically, I Should Love Terror Jr’s Latest Electropop Record, But Something Just Ain’t Right

Generally-speaking, I’m a bit of a nihilistic individual, finding solace in the dark, disturbingly-macabre soundscapes of Metal music & craving anything with an earth-shatteringly epic sense of scale that feels otherworldly as it challenges my classically-trained music theory skills when I search for the power behind this & other like-minded genres. Even so, I have an intense soft-spot for some good ol’ Electropop music every once in a while, enjoying a bit of girly jubilance layered over hard-hitting electronic beats; Artists like QT, Sophie, GFOTY & Charli XCX bring a smile to my face with their delightfully charming feminine aesthetics, especially when their tracks lean in more of the Metric or Frou Frou vein of Indie Dance & Electronica. I was ecstatic when these sort of voices started bleeding over into the mainstream Synth Pop scene around 2013, giving me a healthy dosage of ethereal vocals with bold attitudes that were simultaneously fun to dance to, but the new-age focus on Alternative R&B aesthetics really ruined the whole experience for me as everyone tried to be as hard & ‘streetwise’ as possible, needlessly injecting all manner of foul language into their narratives for shock appeal alongside the painfully gentrified personalities these typically-Caucasian girls were throwing into every track; I’m looking at you, Halsey & Melanie Martinez – With this in mind, Terror Jr’s Unfortunately, Terror Jr should be right up my alley, capturing much of the same spark from the Electropop acts I do enjoy, but it strikes a balance right on the edge of the fence between cutesy & overall-manufactured that just puts a sour taste in my mouth, watering-down what could’ve been a fun new record for me to blast in 2019.




Album Info

"Unfortunately, Terror Jr"



  • Jan 25, 2019


  • R&B


  • Atlantic


Unfortunately, Terror Jr is the debut studio album by American pop duo Terror Jr, released on January 25, 2019, through EFFESS and Atlantic Records. It was supported by the singles "Heaven Wasn't Made For Me", "A-OK (Everything's Perfect)", and "Terrified".
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