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"Speak Now"

Jun 08, 2019

Say it

Written by @Soulbyweekly from SoulByweekly  / 6 mins read

There are times when you want to say something, you want to burst out your feelings but you fail to do so, may be due to some external fear or something and at last the feelings remain trapped in your body and started hurting you, exactly that’s what Taylor is trying to convey to her audience that it is ok to burst out your feelings sometime, she even spoke of various methods which people can follow like writing down a journal, or maintaining a diary, it is really beautiful to see how a young singer like Taylor Swift had bought this issue in a such a beautiful manner through her album. Talking about the album most of her songs if you listen to it carefully you will find that were based on the same theme which we discussed now. I would recommend people to listen to this album, and trust me you will enjoy every piece of the songs.

Some memories never fade

What is the hardest part about a breakup? If you ask me, it is always the happy memories you spent with her. Few things no matter how much you pretend to move on will always remain in your back of the mind. “Last Kiss” by Taylor Swift is one of those songs which will take you to the ride of memories. I believe most of us has gone through a breakup and probably the last kiss will always capture a special part in your heart. In her song Taylor Swift had tried to bring all those aspect into fore front all those memories that has been cherished while a person is in a relationship, I believe the usage of words in the lyrics are so beautiful that surely it will make you cry, its not only the lyrics but the proper sync of music and lyrics is something which had a powerful role in this song. I found the lyrics very simple but touchy for example:
I still remember the look on your face
Lit through the darkness at 1:58
The words that you whispered for just us to know
You told me you loved me so why did you go... away.
Even the way she rhymes the lyrics is something which amaze me a lot. Overall the song is wonderful, and trust me when I say it’s wonderful, I mean the music and the lyrics sync so well that surely it will hit your emotions.

The prefect combination

There very few songs which has proper intro, lyrics, video, music etc and the song “Sparks Fly” is one of them. Starting from intro, the drum beats and the guitar jamming is marvelous to hear, as the song progresses you will find the upbeat tempo and that’s what give the song a perfect edge, now talking about the lyrics, the lyrics is quite simple but meaningful and when it is combined with the guitar and other instruments it become more interesting to listen. By bringing this song Taylor Swift had yet again proved that she is one of those stars who can bring the element of both country and pop in one song. Talking about the video now, the video itself is an explanation that how successful this song is as we can see her performing in front of huge crowd of young people. personally, speaking I really love this song, but this time not for the lyrics, but for the music she. I mean this was I believe unlike other music albums were music are produced in a computer here everything was live starting from guitar and that’s what, I believe bought the element of reality in it.

The most unexpected

Some time we are so hurt after falling out of love that we started hating this concept, I mean the reason why I can tell you this is because I am the live example, we broke six months back and from that day till now I avoid getting into any kind of serious relationship, because of the scared I get after the breakup and I believe I am not the only one who is facing this issue, there are thousands of people around who are in the same state and that’s exactly what Taylor Swift had addresses in her song “Mine.” In an interview she mentioned about the reason behind writing this song, and I believe she is right about the things she mentioned in the song. In this line:
You were in college, working part-time, waiting tables
Left a small town, never looked back
I was a flight risk, with a fear of fallin'
Wondering why we bother with love, if it never lasts

I say, "Can you believe it?"
As we're lyin' on the couch
The moment, I can see it
Yes, yes, I can see it now
She is talking about the fear part of falling into love, I mean she is questioning the whole idea of love and I also believe that the questions she had ask is valid, but as the song progresses we will find that a person gets her love back may be not from the same person, but from a different one who actually cares for her and loves her and that’s were Taylor is saying that it is okay to wait for the right one and she also bought an important message that just because we had a bad experience we shouldn’t stop searching for love, may be that particular person was not right for you, may be someday someone will for sure come for you and grab your empty hands but for that you have to keep faith on love and I remember that exact word one of my very close friend said to me after my breakup. I don’t know about it but I think we should always keep our heart open and brain wise and wait for the right one to fall. Talking about the song in overall Taylor Swift had done again a wonderful job by bringing such issues so beautifully through her lyrics, video and music. Each song from this album is added to my favorite list and trust me this specific song is worth listening to if you are going through a hard time due to breakup.

May 24, 2019

Taylor Swift Ushers Herself Into Adulthood With This Album’s Extremely Evocative Lyrics

Written by @gospelredefined from Gospel Redefined  / 6 mins read

The album, Speak Now is Taylor Swift’s third album. The passion with which she sings the songs on the album is beautiful; although, you can tell that she's more passionate about some of the songs than the others. The lyrics are very descriptive, capable of painting strong images and feelings to the mind of her listeners. Just by listening to her sing, you could relate to what she felt at the time the track was recorded – The album described the person that the artiste is and the things that she cared about. It made the stage for all her present and future albums. Although she was young at the time of the release of this album, she proved to know a lot about emotional trauma and romantic turmoil and transformed all the pain and knowledge into hit tracks.

Swift Took The High Road In Her Response To The Way Kanye Treated Her At The VMA’s

“Innocent” is a response to the harsh treatment the R&B star endured from fellow musician, Kanye West. Many were expecting this song to be patterned like a diss-track towards the rapper as payment for the way he treated her but the country bred star had to disappoint. Right from the beginning of the song, she sang as though she was addressing someone else, not someone she hated but pitied. Someone who had unfortunately fallen out of balance, left his safe zone, lost his mind and was desperately trying to get it back – Probably the time that elapsed before she penned down the song is the reason why she chose to sympathize with West rather than blast him. Time must have made her see things a little clearer – In summary, the song is not a hate speech towards the rapper but rather a form of advice. The main points of the message was that he is just lost but age is still on his side so he can still grow and become a better version of himself. Her choice of response to Kanye West shows that she does have a unique mind, and is ready for adulthood.

A Song That Will Definitely Make You Understand What Country Love Feels Like

Taylor Swift uses “Speak Now” to sing about a piece of herself. From this song, you can easily tell the type of movies and folktales that appeal to her. Despite all that has changed around her, she still has a thing for happy endings - The song paints quite a number of pictures- of the melodramas associated with being a country girl who is in love with someone that is about to get married. Fully convinced that no one but her is the right girl for him to be with, she was willing to barge in on their marriage ceremony, of the length a desperate lover would go in order to be with the one she loves. Right in the lyrics of the song, she made bad remarks about her rival, of her sneaking around the venue, whispering from behind the curtains words that could only be heard by her lover – Finally the time came for her to speak her mind. The preacher finally said “Speak now” and although she had weak knees she took the bold step and spoke her mind. That kept her man!

You Want To Know How Best To Take Revenge? Listen To This Song

Taylor Swift, in this album made her listeners understand that she knows what it feels like to be looked down on. This song captures the initial innocence of the star – “Better Than Revenge” is about a man whom Swift had on her radar for quite some time. When she finally had him within her grasp, someone else came along and took him from her. At first, she lamented over the fact that she had underestimated her rival but in due time her loss built up so much pain in her that she became hungry for revenge – Now what did Swift do to exact her revenge on this treacherous actress who stole her man? She took it upon herself to tell her rival just who she really is, to make it clear to her that all her ideas on sophistication, class and her means of getting ahead in the world are a waste of time and will not take her anywhere – She also went further to make it clear in her songs that she is better than her rival by clearly pointing out that her rival was an actress and the best parts of herself revolve round the mattress, besides this, she has nothing else. In essence, the artiste best way to revenge is to call you out and prove to you that you really don’t amount to anything.

A Failed Attempt To Leave The Artiste Heartbroken

Most of the time we don’t always get what we want. Taylor Swift is no exception. Like most of us, she was warned to run away but she didn’t and in the end, she was left with regret. The difference between her and most is that despite her emotions, she accepted her loss and moved on – "Dear John" is a song of a love turned sour. The song is about an attempt that was made to use her. He was probably a decade older than her at the time. He was an expert at apologizing and keeping things blurry to keep her from finding out exactly what was going on, from discovering his true nature. The song began with her admitting that the days of her being used are over but it was still extremely evident from the sound of her voice and the lyrics of the song that the love they shared is not something she wanted to end. But at the end of the day she bragged a bit about the fact that she escaped him, she didn’t end up like all the other girls he had been with in the past and having exposed all his secrets through her song, she was the one with the last laugh, she was the one that shone the brightest.

May 10, 2019
A Country Artist Finally Breaks Into the Mainstream Here in the Philippines After the Genre Disappeared from Local Radio for More than a Decade
Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” was a big radio and video hit here in the Philippines but I think its major drawback was that among the masses, that was the only song they knew of Taylor’s. Although her first two albums Taylor Swift and Fearless had several hits in other countries, aside from “Love Story”, probably only “You Belong With Me” had sizeable radio airplay that was known to people outside of Taylor’s very loyal army of young girl fans. At that time, if you’d do a random survey on the street and asked people what hit of Taylor Swift they knew, I bet 90% would say “Love Story” – and that’s it. So when she had her first concert here to support Speak Now, her third studio album, many people were asking why she had such expensive tickets when she “only” had two hits? Nevertheless, her army of fans gobbled up all those stupendously expensive tickets and her show was sold out much to everyone’s astonishment! I know they were stupendously expensive because I bought tickets to that show LOL! I paid roughly US$145 and I was already in Lower Box! And my seat was sooooo bad, all I could see was Taylor’s backside throughout the show! Anyhow, at that time, Taylor was still classified as a country artist, and it’s very rare for American country artists to make a dent here. You’d have to go back one generation to come up with a bevy of country artists that ruled local Filipino radio (Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, John Denver, Crystal Gayle – were very popular here). In my opinion, some of the songs in Speak Now sound so country, I was surprised her fans still liked it. Of course, the more I knew about Taylor, I realized that her country identity was just one part of her whole image. This girl simply can’t be pigeon-holed.

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Speak Now is the third studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It was released on October 25, 2010, by Big Machine Records. Production for the album took place during 2009 to 2010 at several recording studios, and was handled by Swift and Nathan Chapman. Written entirely by Swift as the follow-up to Fearless, Speak Now expands on the country pop style of her previous work, and features lyrical themes including love, romance and heartbreak.
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