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RED Is Packed With Expressive Lyrics & Mind Games For Adoring Fans & Exes Of Taylor Swift

Listening to this album is a must for all lovers of pop, especially because it is packed with the best of the music star. Taylor Swift’s Red portrays the carefree lifestyle of the artiste, proving once and for all that she has no desire to uphold the high morals of feminism. Taylor has had a lot of fun living wild and free with quite a number of famous guys, and this album is virtually a scavenger hunt for details about her multiple relationships with her exes – Nearly every song in the album holds some vital clues to the person each track is about. You would think that after six years of experience as a pop star, Taylor would understand that it takes two to make or break any relationship – Unfortunately, despite the fact that she is constantly under the spotlight, she still hasn't realized the truth yet; Taylor still believes that all the bad relationships she has had are the fault of the other person involved. Nobody knows what inspired her to title the album Red. Although some people believe that it's her love for a red lipstick that inspired the title of the album, and as silly as this sounds, it may be true. It wouldn't be surprising if Taylor has finally come to that point where she no longer gives too much significance to the things deserving of it – At its best, Red is real, vibrant, and energetic. The sound is exhilarating, and another notable achievement is that Taylor didn't shy away from the person she has become. Instead, she embraced this new personality and used it to create great and better music — music that everyone can't help but enjoy.

May 24, 2019

America’s Country Girl Heads Off To The City In Taylor Swift’s First Pop-Leaning Album Red

If I’m being honest, to say I was a fan of Taylor Swift in her early days would be a bold-faced lie: When she first hit the scene in 2004, I was admittedly impressed with how gifted she was for a 16-year old artist in a world that had become increasingly-obsessed with prepubescent acts like Justin Bieber, my lifelong training in classical music theory – on top of having a world-class touring singer as a father – giving me the technical comprehension to acknowledge she was a truly-skilled performer, but her particular brand of songwriting was clearly designed for a different audience; She was so unbelievably naïve for someone only two months younger than I & her cheerful compositions lacked the emotional depth & inherent personality of my rather Emo Rock-leaning sensibilities, making it hard to find any value in her body of work at the time – Fast forward about seven years, I’m dating a die-hard Country girl from North Carolina who’d modeled her own musical persona around Swift’s, making it virtually impossible to ignore the blonde icon’s upbeat tunes when they were literally being played on a daily basis alongside the Jonas Brothers & Katy Perry. I’d been constantly bombarded by my then-girlfriend’s fanaticism & was aware Swift had a new album coming up called Red, but it wasn’t until that fateful performance at the 2012 VMA’s that I realized I’d fallen for the Country starlet hook, line & sinker thanks to what would become her first true Pop performance, kicking off an incredibly rocky love-hate relationship with her music – & said-girlfriend – going forward.

Mar 04, 2019

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Album Info



  • Jan 01, 2012


  • Pop
  • Country


  • Big Machine


  • Scott Borchetta (exec.)
  • Taylor Swift
  • Nathan Chapman
  • Jeff Bhasker
  • Dann Huff
  • Jacknife Lee
  • Max Martin
  • Shellback
  • Butch Walker
  • Dan Wilson


Red is the fourth studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It was released on October 22, 2012, by Big Machine Records, as the follow-up to her third studio album, Speak Now. The album title was inspired by the "semi-toxic relationships" that Swift experienced during the process of conceiving this album, with Swift describing the emotions she felt as "red emotions" due to their intense and tumultuous nature. Red touches on Swift's signature themes of love and heartbreak, however, from a more mature perspective while exploring other themes such as fame and the pressure of being in the limelight. The album features collaborations with producers and guest artists such as Gary Lightbody of the band Snow Patrol and Ed Sheeran, and is noted for Swift's experimentation with new musical genres. Swift completed The Red Tour in support of the album on June 12, 2014; the tour became the highest-grossing tour of all time by a country artist, grossing over $150 million.
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