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Released in 2008, 13 tracks, 54 min

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Still Ingenue But With A Sharp Wit and A Keen Eye for Observing Her Generation’s Love Affairs

For someone who writes and sings her own songs, Taylor Swift’s second album, Fearless aptly describes her approach to songwriting. Only barely 18 years old when she was writing songs for this album, one can see that even at a young age, she already has that keen sense and intuition needed by a successful songwriter. She understands fully the current structure of songwriting, knowing how the verses tell the story, and then swiftly bringing everything into a crescendo through a catchy chorus. She wrote all the 13 songs in this album, sharing co-writing credits in six of them. She also produced this album along with Nathan Chapman. When this album came out, there was a dearth of female representation in country music, least of all – a very young female performer – so her entrance into the country scene was really a breath of fresh air in a milieu dominated by adult male singers in their 30s and 40s. I am also not surprised why she named this album Fearless because she tackles subject matters which younger females are drawn to and she does not hold back in telling their stories, including her own. Much later, Taylor would gain a reputation of writing about her ex-boyfriends and guys she dated, much to the chagrin of those poor fellows. Some of them retaliate through song, the others prefer to be gentlemanly about it and just keep their mouths shut. Even this early in her career, Taylor is already naming names. She’s not subtle at all in “Hey Stephen” and names a girl called Abigail in “Fifteen”. In this album, Taylor Swift is still an ingenue but with a sharp wit and a keen eye for observing her generation’s love affairs. She will do more damage soon but for now, her songs seem to be extensions of her own personal diary – and her stories are interwoven into this Fearless compilation.

Written by @tonyfabelous from Fabelousity
Jun 28, 2019

Swift Just Made Country Music Worldwide Music, And The How Is Still A Mystery

Taylor Alison Swift is an American country pop vocalist who chased her music career early enough at the age of 14. Upon arrival in the music industry, she was bound to make history as she was signed to the music record label Big Machine Records as the youngest artiste on the block – Her debut album Taylor Swift which shot her into limelight was released in 2006. The album consisted of hit songs like “Our Song” that left her listeners asking for more from the newbie. After receiving such positive vibes and warm welcome from the music industry, she forged ahead and began working on a second album – Fearless is the second album recorded by the sensational Taylor Swift. The Fearless album was produced yet still under Big Machine Records and had a stipulated release date of November 11, 2008. Swift put a lot of work into this album as it took about two years after her first album for the second one to hit the air ways. She combined promotion tours for her first album with writing or co-writing all thirteen tracks in the Fearless album. Fearless became even more successful than the first album as singles from the album sold more than 8 million copies worldwide – The album thrived because country pop is quite a difficult genre of music to do, coupled with the fact that a teenager was able to put in so much effort to pull off a magnificent piece together. I mean, it made the album priceless! It was a record-breaking album that gained international recognition and brought about huge commercial success for the teenage singer as it topped major charts in different countries and recorded sales of million copies worldwide. Taylor swift was applauded for a job well done as Fearless won for her many awards and has gone down history as the most awarded country music – Personally, I do not subscribe to country music, but for a teenager to fit into the shoes of country music and pull such a stunt? It beats my imagination.

May 24, 2019

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  • Jan 01, 2008


  • Pop
  • Country


  • Big Machine


  • Scott Borchetta (exec.)
  • Nathan Chapman
  • Taylor Swift


Fearless is the second studio album by the American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. The album was released on November 11, 2008, by Big Machine Records. As with her first album, Taylor Swift, Swift wrote or co-wrote all thirteen tracks on Fearless. Most of the songs were written as the singer promoted her first album as the opening act for numerous country artists. Due to the unavailability of collaborators on the road, eight songs were written by Swift. Other songs were co-written with Liz Rose, Hillary Lindsey, Colbie Caillat, and John Rich. Swift also made her debut as a record producer, co-producing all songs on the album with Nathan Chapman.
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