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1000 Forms of Fear (Deluxe Version)

Album by Sia
2015, 20 tracks, 1 hour 26 mins 42 sec


Jun 28, 2019

A Night To Remember

Anytime I hear any of Sia's song, I always get to remember the very first day I heard her song, "Chandelier". It was far back in 2014 and I was preparing for a job interview that I was going to have the next day. After spending most of the day preparing my certificates and everything I would need for the interview, I became tired and I decided to catch a little sleep before going to get a trim at my barber's. I slept off completely, only to wake up later at night around 10:15, I knew certainly that my barber would have closed for the day and my hair was so rough that I couldn't even take it to the interview looking like that. After much consideration, I finally stepped out of the house and started walking around the neighborhood looking for a barber's shop that was still open. Luckily for me, I hadn't walked too far when I saw one that still had its lights on. I approached and met him just in time as he was about turning off his TV set, I persuaded him to give me a trim and after I offered more money than he charges, he accepted. I knew the guy was an amateur from the way he held the clipper, but I had no choice but to just let him continue. It was when he started taking the cut that the song "Chandelier" started playing on TV, I couldn't see the TV from the angle I was but tried to catch a glimpse through the little space between the barber's apron, trying to figure out who this vocal powerhouse was. At first, I thought it might be Rihanna because she's the only versatile artiste that could power such vocals on a track but then again, the voice texture was more powerful. I was so engrossed in the song and kept trying to see whom the artiste was, that I paid no attention to the guy that was giving me a trim. Finally at the end of the song, I told the barber to hold on a bit so I would be able to catch a clear view of her name. Just as I was about to turn, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror. At the speed of light, I turned my face back to mirror and the person I saw in the mirror was definitely not me. All the while that I was busy straining to see the TV, he was busy scraping off my hair completely, as against the little trim I always do, which was what I thought he was doing. I was so shocked and speechless that I stood up and went closer to the mirror to get a clearer view. He must have realized how pissed I was, "You didn't tell me the hairstyle you wanted" he murmured but when he saw the bad stare I gave him, he kept mute as I sat down and let him finish the rubbish he started. When he finished, I paid him and walked back to my home pissed. The next day at the interview, it felt like everyone there were staring at my bald head, especially a lady that also came for the interview, I had to do a lot of self motivation before I could pick up my confidence again and once we were done with the interview, the lady and I were inside the same elevator when her phone started ringing. For a moment I knew I had heard her ringtone somewhere, I finally remembered it was the song from the barber's shop. After she was done with the call, I asked her for the name of the artiste and she responded just before we exited the elevator. In order not to forget the artiste's name, I punched it into my browser and "Chandelier" popped up, I downloaded the song and plugged in my hands free to my device. As the song blared into my ears, the events of the previous day played in my head and I was reminded that I was carrying a baldhead. I later found out that the song is a track off her 6th studio album titled 1000 Forms Of Fear, an album that is regarded as a very successful one.

Written by @OBP from Omobaba Pension




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"1000 Forms of Fear (Deluxe Version)"



  • May 01, 2015


  • Pop


1000 Forms of Fear is the sixth studio album by Australian singer Sia. It was released on 4 July 2014 by Monkey Puzzle and RCA Records worldwide, and Inertia Records in Australia. Primarily an electropop album, the record also incorporates influences from reggae and hip hop. Lyrically, the record is focused on Sia struggling to deal with drug addiction and bipolar disorder.
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