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Released in 2018, 14 tracks, 49 min

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Dance-PopPopTeen Pop


"Shawn Mendes"

This Is The Album That Redefined The Artist’s Persona As We Know It Today.

Despite the playful persona that Shawn Mendes displays on his songs he has actually been working very hard. Ever since Shawn became a celebrated pop star, he had been making extreme effort to grow in the music industry. While there a number of tested ways to grow in the music industry the Canadian star chose to forge his path. He experimented on a number of styles both good and bad in combination with his unique sound and that effort is what resulted in the fabulous track showcased on his self-named album. A lot of years have passed since the star released his debut album and with those years he has acquired a lot of experience in respect to romance and women. Consequently, his sound on the songs is more mature and believable. There is something in the way he sang on this album that will convince you that he knew exactly what he was talking about. From day one, Shawn always had a different perspective from youths his age. He always went for the best. Not surprisingly, his albums sound better with each release. He put an unusual amount of effort in this album though. Firstly, he collaborated with a handful of artists when he was recording this album. Secondly, he did not just play the role of song creator but he was also the executive producer of the album. In a way, young Shawn has become his own boss. The album was an extreme success though. The album topped the charts in both his home country, the United States, Australia, Belgium and three other countries. It debuted in the top three in the United Kingdom. If that is not an example of commercial success to you then your opinions are henceforth irrelevant.

Sep 09, 2019

Simply, Shawn Mendes

In many cases it is inevitable that one begins to listen to a disc and after the third song begins to feel anxious to discover something that surprises you, that forces you to stay to listen to the last song and that moment does not arrive. Other times, impatient, we begin to go from song to song quickly because at the beginning of each of them you know what's coming, guess and think: "I've heard that before" or "boring". We spend months or perhaps years waiting for that record that moves our soul and that is an essential part of our life forever. And the disc does not arrive. I confess that when I decided to listen to the Shawn Mendes album that simply bears his name and that was released in 2018, I had my finger ready to change the track as long as ten seconds of each song passed ... but my finger stayed frozen, paralyzed, this time I did not use it !!! From the first track of the album, "In My Blood", I was hooked to it and I listened to it without stopping until the end. Probably "In My Blood" would have been a good name for the album, but when an artist is so sure of what he just produced he does not find the need to put names that attract attention, he does not need it and that's why I think he decided that the album simply bears the name of its author: Shawn Mendes. I must say with extraordinary surprise and frankness that the album moved me, it does not have waste and you can listen to it from beginning to end without feeling that time passes while you travel all the places where it takes you. Amazing, I still can not believe it. In his two previous albums, Shawn Mendes had already shown signs of being a brilliant composer, but I think he had not achieved such a complete work in every way and, had only made it clear that he had great sensitivity but that he was in the process of growing up and mature like every young composer. But in "In My Blood", the Canadian musician, singer and composer has made it clear that the previous successes were not chance and is ready to compete with anyone for the love and preference of the general public. The album takes us through genres such as rock, romantic ballad, pop and, R & B, with a soft and pleasant accent for all kinds of tastes. It is his very particular stamp and it satisfies everyone.

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio
May 10, 2019

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"Shawn Mendes"

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"Shawn Mendes"

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"Shawn Mendes"

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"Shawn Mendes"

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"Shawn Mendes"

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"Shawn Mendes"

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"Shawn Mendes"


  • May 25, 2018


  • Dance-Pop
  • Pop
  • Teen Pop


  • Island


  • Shawn Mendes (also exec.)
  • Louis Bell
  • Teddy Geiger
  • Ian Kirkpatrick
  • Joel Little
  • Nate Mercereau
  • Zach Skelton
  • Ryan Tedder


Shawn Mendes (alternatively Shawn Mendes: The Album) is the self-titled third studio album by Canadian singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes. It was released through Island Records on May 25, 2018. It is primarily a pop album, with ingrained influences of pop rock, blues, and R&B.
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"Shawn Mendes"

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