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She Wolf (Deluxe Version)

Album by Shakira
2009, 16 tracks, 56 mins 23 sec


Jun 21, 2019

Shakira’s She Wolf Continues Her Mission To Keep All The Ladies’ Hips Shaking

Trust Shakira to come up with something sexual yet coming from somewhere strange and erotic. She Wolf is the eighth studio album of the Colombian singer and it came in the heels of her successful Oral Fixation Vol. 1 and 2 double album. I guess because those albums were heavily Latin-flavored, she decided to veer away from her Latin roots a little bit in this album. It’s still there of course. It would be impossible to take out Latin music from a Shakira album. What I mean is, in this album, through the help of The Neptunes production team, she decides to experiment and add other sounds into her core production and I actually like what I hear. Some of the songs work, some, not quite, but as a whole effort, it shows her willingness to evolve and make her music more palatable to a bigger non-Latin America market. By doing so though, she may alienate her core Latin American audience but also gets herself more exposure and traction in areas in the world that listen to contemporary pop or EDM music. The album is a composite of songs where R&B mixes with Latin music so one can hear different interesting instruments in it. What is in there though is Shakira’s smoldering vocals as she navigates each song in her trademark sensual way. Once again, in the album I have, there are three Spanish songs, two of them, the Spanish versions of the songs in English – and – I have pointed this out before, the Spanish versions are much better – as translations often lose some of the nuance of the song. Nevertheless, Shakira straddles both worlds comfortably and anyway, it’s only those who can speak both Spanish AND English who can notice the missing nuances. Otherwise, dance away to this album and your hips will continue to shake from this Shakira offering.

Written by @tonyfabelous from Fabelousity




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"She Wolf (Deluxe Version)"



  • Nov 23, 2009


  • Latin