Stars Dance (Bonus Track Version)

AlbumbySelena Gomez

Released in 2013, 13 tracks, 47 min

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Dance-PopPopTeen Pop


"Stars Dance (Bonus Track Version)"

Selena Gomez’ Solo Debut Stars Dance Is A Jarring Reminder How Big Eurodance Was In 2012

With how far Selena Gomez has come as an actress & musician in the last five or so years, it’s quite easy to forget how incredibly turbulent the earlier portions of her melodic career was, both now & at the time of her mainstream inception, as the lens of time distorts things to epic proportions when it comes to her whole schtick – As I went into on my Narrative about her follow-up record Revival, she was very much a product of the Pop machine when she first broke free of Selena Gomez & The Scene to start her solo career with Stars Dance. Before this, she fit in somewhere along Demi Lovato’s more Rock-heavy style with a band that was solely focused on fun, quirky Teen Pop with a slight Punky edge, her compositions typically aligning with the then-popular trend of adolescent heartbreak borne of the Myspace generation’s Emo days, never quite capturing the attention of radio listeners in the way a former Disney star would probably have hoped. Suddenly, with Stars Dance, we saw her diving straight into the rising trend of popular artists releasing Dance Pop albums, particularly of the Eurodance variety, what with their driving electronic soundscapes packed full of abrasive Club Hit-style synth melodies & repetitive vocal patterns meant to express a lust for the dancefloor, something everyone can somewhat vibe with without having to sit through highly-specified narratives about personal experiences or the like – As far as Gomez’ music is concerned, I can genuinely say I was not a fan of her entries whatsoever, finding them to be cheap knockoffs of much more talented artists & completely underdeveloped for someone with the amount of funding she had on hand, but in retrospect I’m realizing she was actually doing a much better job than I’d initially determined; Only problem is, she’s so clearly chained to the whims of her studio producers that you never feel like you’re actually receiving an artistic expression of who she is as a performer, rather it’s a checklist of required elements the label knew would appeal to younger, less-engaged audiences.

Mar 04, 2019

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"Stars Dance (Bonus Track Version)"

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"Stars Dance (Bonus Track Version)"

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"Stars Dance (Bonus Track Version)"

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"Stars Dance (Bonus Track Version)"

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"Stars Dance (Bonus Track Version)"

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"Stars Dance (Bonus Track Version)"

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"Stars Dance (Bonus Track Version)"


  • Jan 01, 2013


  • Dance-Pop
  • Pop
  • Teen Pop

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