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Released in 2016, 11 tracks, 40 min

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Revival of Selena Gomez, meets what she expected

This album was released in 2015 and I'm writing this in 2019, but fortunately, it's still active since the songs have not lost their validity. Selena Gomez was at a point in her life where she wanted to be reborn, in the first place, for herself and, secondly, to keep in touch with an audience that has loved her since she was a child and already missed her. I'm sure it helped to know that there were people genuinely concerned about their emotional and health status. I think it does not lose validity because everyone at some time in our life has been reborn or, at least, we have tried. Sometimes we are not happy with what we are doing, in what we have become as persons or in what other people have done to us and we have let them abuse without realizing the damage they cause us, be it for love, friendship or simply for trusting in excess of who we should not, so the attempt to be reborn is always necessary and positive. I am sure that when we achieve those positive changes, we will be strengthened as persons and experience will make us better persons. I am myself going through a stage of rebirth right now, caused by (good) situations that I had not foreseen would arrive at this moment and I feel happy. It's amazing how it renews you to know that there are people who value what you do and reward you for it, feeling useful and with a goal in life again. However, I have had to experience in this transition a series of feelings that have to do with taking out all the negative things that I had inside and in spite of feeling happy, there are moments when I experience pain, that pain you feel when you take out once and forever that which hurts you. But fortunately, happy moments are more frequent during the day because everything that caused me sadness and worry is going away little by little. It is amazing how I can appreciate now, details of my daily life that were always present, but I never considered. Things as simple as taking coffee in the garden during a fresh morning or the feeling that I have a lot of time to enjoy when I sometimes thought there was no time for anything. That's what I see on Selena Gomez's album, the exact point at which she begins to realize the things that are worthwhile, but at the same time the acceptance that inside her there were many things that hurt and the effort to take out of all that from her soul right now, so that happy moments are more frequent and she becomes a better person every day. I think that's why we find on the album a very interesting variety of styles, which give meaning to the stage that our singer would be going through. Dark songs, some rhythmic and very happy and others that reflect greater maturity as an artist, more and more aware of the things that surround her, good and bad, and with ever greater control over her life and her art.

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio
Jun 14, 2019

From Waverly Wizard To Serious Pop Contender, Selena Gomez’ Revival Makes A Bold Impact

Seeing as she really only has two officially-released studio albums under her belt, it’s amazing how firmly Selena Gomez has cemented herself within mainstream culture in the last decade, riding the wave of success from her Disney days on the set of Wizards Of Waverly Place in addition to maintaining a steady fanbase from her prior Pop Rock band Selena Gomez & The Scene, somehow becoming one of the industry’s most-beloved Pop idols despite there being just as much negative criticism aimed toward her as positive when it comes to artistic talent – For the longest time, I was part of the crowd who instinctively bad-mouthed anything Gomez-related merely because she was part of the Disney machine, especially considering how childish & underdeveloped her previous band was, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed by how exponential her growth was between the time of her hokey solo debut Stars Dance & her much more impressive 2015 album Revival. In just two short years, she’d gone from generic Taylor Swift surrogate with a Kesha-like Club Hits aesthetic – I mean, seriously, do you remember how terrible mainstream Dance Pop was in the early-teens? – to competent Alternative R&B performer with an identity all her own, championing the destigmatizing of female sexuality through her music & adopting much more expressive melodic techniques that felt somewhat unique to her voice, finally garnering my & so many others’ attention as an act to watch for the very first time; Sure, much of this was contingent upon the work of contemporaries like Ariana Grande & Demi Lovato who’d been trailblazing the whole ‘girls-have-sex-too’ movement in radio-friendly circles, but Gomez stepped up to the plate in a major way that convinced me Revival was worth a shot, at least in my free time.

Mar 04, 2019

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  • Jan 22, 2016


  • R&B

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