In the Lonely Hour

AlbumbySam Smith

Released in 2014, 10 tracks, 34 min

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"In the Lonely Hour"

Sam Smith’s Debut Album Shook The Entire Music Industry

In The Lonely Hour was Sam Smith’s debut album and it shook the industry, nothing surprised the industry more than his coming out as being gay. The first time I knew Sam Smith was from the single “Money On My Mind”, but prior to that, I’ve heard him on Naughty Boy’s “La La La” from a DJ Friend of mines mixtape; I didn’t know it was Naughty Boy’s song, also didn’t know about Sam Smith then. Upon hearing “Money On My Mind” single, I fell in love instantly. This occurred because normally, a new artiste trying to make a name for himself, came out guns blazing with a love song, well, not the regular boy-girl kind, rather, it was the passion for music. It’s rare for an R&B or Pop Star to not sing about Relationship for their breakout song. Back to the album, he touched different and areas in the album; the White kind of R&B, the African American kind of R&B, also added a jazz kind of feel to some songs, gospel vibe, and lots of Pop was spruced all ovr the album. The album tells stories of 3-4 different people. It was like reading a book; the track arrangement should also be applauded. Vivid example is the “Stay With Me” and “Leave Your Lover” songs that follow each other. They could be interpreted in the sense that a man is struggling to hold on to his relationship, whilst his lover’s attention is drawn to someone else, who wants him to leave the current lover (man struggling to hold it together) for him. Forgive the use of pronoun, but I had to use the pronouns according with the singer’s sexuality, but naturally, it applies to all forms of sexuality that involves 2 human beings. The way they follow each other just shows the truth behind every relationship that it takes both parties to keep the boat going, if one party stops contributing, even without actually cheating, the relationship is still doomed. Also, is it just me or breakups give birth to great albums? Remember Adele’s 21, now this one. The success of this album filled a long gaping void of successful new generation homosexuals in the music industry, well he let us in on it months after it’s release and didn’t use pronouns in it, which to me is ingenious. Write an entire album (except for “Like I Can”) and never referred to the second person as he, him, her, she, rather, found a way around it and both genders can sing it without being worried of changing the pronouns of the original lyrics. I remember the time he announced his sexuality as being gay, an acquaintance of mine said he pointed at it in “Leave Your Lover”, in the part where he goes “Leave your lover, Leave Him for Me”. Took me a while to explain (with diagram and labels) that the “HIM” in there is for the 3rd person and not the second person, that the second person could have been male or female. He didn’t still understand my explanation and ended up agreeing to disagree. Anyway you look at it, his songwriting skills are top notch and along with his voice and delivery, he earned Grammy Nominations as Album of the Year, losing to Beck’s Morning Phase, and Pop Vocal Album, which he won.

Written by @OBP from Omobaba Pension
Apr 26, 2019

For Better Or Worse, There’s Still Nothing Quite Like Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour

In a time when revealing your innermost insecurities to the world in sonic form had generally fallen from favour in popular music – following the decline of mid-noughties Emo music – & LGBTQ+ representation amongst mainstream artists was seemingly few & far between, English singer-songwriter Sam Smith found success as a much-needed breath of fresh air within the industry, hitting audiences like a ton of bricks with his overwhelmingly melancholy ballads & soothing vocal timbre that made you feel a deep sadness unlike any other. Aside from fellow Brit idol Adele, no one in Pop music had the confidence to illustrate just how unfathomably terrifying the pursuit of love could be in today’s day & age, typically opting to write narratives of undying passion or silent adoration which expressed nothing more than fantastical ideals of romantic attraction rather than presenting the harrowingly difficult nature of love itself, so when Smith hit the scene it was as if we’d climbed Mount Olympus to receive enlightenment from a mythical soothsayer who had our best interests in mind, unlocking the full potential of our emotional proclivities to expose a brilliant new world of Pop we’d long overlooked; He was a voice of reason cutting through the noise of Club culture that had so suddenly taken control over our radios, asking us to look into our hearts & see if we were truly happy with the progress we’d made in life or if we were merely going day to day searching for the lowest-common-denominator of affection, filling the void inside with meaningless one-night-stands in an ever-pervasive hookup culture that would ultimately lead us nowhere down the line – Naturally, most people are fairly hesitant to admit they’re not as romantically-fulfilled as they’d like to be in their dreams, but the sheer scope of Smith’s popularity following the release of his debut studio album In The Lonely Hour proves just how impactful his presence was in the progress of modern Pop music, literally changing the lyrical structures & acceptance of sensitivity in songwriting ever since; I mean, you could easily throw a dart anywhere on the map of popular acts these days & find yourself confronted by an artist whose bread & butter consists of gloomy Synth Pop jams about mental instability, depression & regret for potentially-romantic encounters not taken, all of which became common topics shortly after Smith struck songwriting gold on In The Lonely Hour, mainstream artist like Lorde, Khalid & FKA Twigs being noteworthy examples from very different genres – However you slice it, this album is far more important than most would care to admit, although that doesn’t necessarily mean it is without fault, as with extreme fame also comes the risk of overexposure, turning once-captivating tunes into the very bane of audiences’ sonic existence.

Mar 15, 2019

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"In the Lonely Hour"

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"In the Lonely Hour"

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"In the Lonely Hour"



  • Jan 01, 2014


  • R&B


  • Capitol
  • Method


  • Jimmy Napes
  • Steve Fitzmaurice
  • Komi
  • Naughty Boy
  • Two Inch Punch
  • Eg White
  • Fraser T Smith


In the Lonely Hour is the debut studio album by British singer Sam Smith. It was released in the United Kingdom on 26 May 2014, via Capitol UK and Method Records. In the United States, it was released on 17 June 2014 through Capitol Records America. The album includes the hit singles "Money on My Mind" and "Stay with Me", both of which were number one in the UK; the latter becoming a hit worldwide, peaking in the top ten in over 20 countries, including reaching number two in the US. The album's third hit single, "I'm Not the Only One", reached number three in the UK and number five in the US. A deluxe edition of the album contains five bonus tracks, including a solo acoustic version of Disclosure's single "Latch" and Naughty Boy's number-one single "La La La", on both of which Smith provided guest vocals.
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