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Toast to Our Differences (Deluxe)

Album by Rudimental
2019, 16 tracks, 1 hour 3 mins 51 sec


Mar 04, 2019

Rudimental’s Toast To Our Differences Explores Every Corner Of The Electronic Music Industry

Love it or hate it, the last five or so years of the Dance & Electronic music industry has produced some of the most influential songwriting styles of the modern era, broadening the mainstream appeal of each market by permeating every other tentpole genre with their aesthetics nearly as much as Trap lyricism has; While not nearly as iconic as the House, Trance & Techno compositions that took the world by storm in the late-nineties & early-noughties, Future Bass, Tropical House & EDM became heavy-hitters you couldn’t avoid in your wildest dreams, accounting for the vast majority of radio hits in recent memory so overwhelmingly that they’ve reached peak-concentration, driving the rest of the industry mad as listeners & artists-alike struggle to find more compelling music styles in 2018 & 2019 – As a member of the continually-innovating UK Dance scene, Rudimental always found a way to break through the noise with some of the best compositions around since their inception, but the latest record Toast TO Our Differences shakes things up considerably with an unofficial retrospective of the Electronic industry’s growth in the last two decades, presenting listeners with a staggering collection of top-tier tunes from every possible iteration of the genre, tapping the talents of every modern icon you can think of like the brilliant Jess Glynne & the somehow still-relevant James Arthur for what is one of the most accessible records in modern history.




Album Info

"Toast to Our Differences (Deluxe)"


  • Jan 25, 2019


  • R&B