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Toast to our Differences

Album by Rudimental
2019, 13 tracks, 51 mins 45 sec


Mar 04, 2019

Rudimental Mixes Positive Pop, House & Reggae Into A Safe Yet Commendable Kumbaya Experience On Latest ‘Toast to Our Differences’

If any music has, or should possess, the power to celebrate our differences, it is World music, and especially new mainstream-backed world music whipped up by very experienced collectives such as the UK’s Rudimental. I absolutely love the UK especially for this melange quality that they possess, as their popular music will often involve Reggae and African vibes more often than American counterparts – and this seems to just be something about their musical history, and certainly their longish tradition of, for instance, Jamaican techniques being a facet of British music since the sixties. The world was changing for the worst when this project was started, from Brexit to Trumpism, and in these uncertain times which seem to solely target the immigrant as various governments’ scapegoats, music can be a fitting weapon against such typified hate-mongering. Just listen to the opening title track “Toast to Our Differences”, and you will hear for yourself what we all know is obvious – that if it wasn’t for our differences, we would all be locked into our various senses of stylistic status-quo, rather than experiencing such a song that mixes Reggae, R&B, and Afro Pop. This is such a low key banger, with a great guitar line, fantastic percussion, patois, Britishness, and a rousing, humane chorus chant that the whole world can join in on – “Let's raise a glass / and have a toast to all our differences (ay) / you carry me on your shoulders / when I don't know what my limit is / (ya, ya, ya, ya) I wonder where my limit lies, my limit lies.” The pseudo double entendre is as beautiful to hear as it is intriguing, as the ‘limit’ can refer to how friends who party and imbibe with each other should look out for each other’s level of intoxication, but more overarching thematically, all of these different backgrounds should be supportive of each groups’ undeniable magic – as all of us have the potential to contribute to the robustness of the human experience.

Written by @taylor




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"Toast to our Differences"


  • Jan 25, 2019


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