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Talk That Talk

Album by Rihanna
2011, 12 tracks, 46 mins 2 sec


Jun 07, 2019

Rihanna Talks About Finding Love and Sucking Rocks and Licking the Icing on the Cake – And She Gets Flak For It

Why is it that when female superstar singers start singing about sex or make it the theme of their albums, they are immediately torn down and labeled derogatory terms as ‘slut’, ‘whore’, ‘without integrity’, ‘a bad girl’, ‘a bad influence’ etc etc. Prince has been writing about sex, sexual acts, and the pleasures of having sex and he has never been taken to task for it. I have observed this double standard throughout my 36 years of observing the music scene. Madonna’s Erotica album was immediately dismissed as a record when the truth is, except for the title track, the album was actually thin on erotica. Thankfully, the public don’t think that way, and has actually embraced this particular album of Rihanna, knowing fully well that all this sexual innuendo can be just part of her playfulness. She’s a woman after all and can sing about the pleasures of sex if she wants to. Critics have also said that this album is just fillers which I beg to disagree. Six singles were released from this album including two huge worldwide hits. I don’t think I’d call that album, an album of fillers. I thought that maybe if Rihanna just stuck working with one or two producers, her albums might have some tight cohesion and a logical flow of themes to them. However, should we penalize her if she decides to work with different producers and songwriters? She does a good job in interpreting most of the songs in this album. It would be a bit difficult to find cohesion in an album where there are many producers but I think each production team understood what her goal was in this album – to create a fun-filled dance album with different types of music genre and talk about sex if the team can do it. I believe that was what she wanted – that’s why there’s a cocky posturing to her album title – Talk That Talk.

Written by @tonyfabelous from Fabelousity




Album Info

"Talk That Talk"



  • Nov 21, 2011


  • R&B


  • Def Jam
  • SRP


  • Robyn Fenty (exec.)
  • Roc Nation (exec.)
  • Carl Sturken (co-exec.)
  • Evan Rogers (co-exec.)
  • Alex da Kid
  • Mr. Bangladesh
  • Calvin Harris
  • Chase & Status
  • Cirkut
  • Da Internz
  • Dr. Luke
  • Ester Dean
  • Gareth McGrillen
  • Hit-Boy
  • No I.D.
  • Priscilla Renea
  • Rob Swire
  • StarGate
  • The-Dream


Talk That Talk is the sixth studio album by Barbadian singer Rihanna, released on November 18, 2011, by Def Jam Recordings and SRP Records. It was recorded while traveling for the Loud Tour between February and November 2011, and was originally planned to be a reissue of her previous studio album Loud (2010). As executive producer, Rihanna enlisted a wide range of producers including Alex da Kid, Calvin Harris, Chase & Status, No I.D., and StarGate to achieve her desired sound. Following in the same vein as Loud, Talk That Talk is a dance-oriented pop/R&B crossover album that incorporates elements of hip hop, dubstep, electronic and house music. The album also continues to have subtle dancehall genres, whilst its lyrical content and themes revolve around a nihilist, romantic and lascivious lover.
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