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Album by Rapsody
2019, 16 tracks, 1 hour 0 min 58 sec


Nov 25, 2019


I grew up on the flows of Jay-Z, Tupac, Big L, Queen Latifah and Biggie. I still crave that raw, unparalleled talent and lyrical craftmanship. The 80’s and 90’s was a league of hip-hop that only the elite could participate in. However, with this generation’s social media frenzies and viral certainties new “emcees” pop up every five minutes but do they stick around? Do they create music that will stand the test of time? Will it even last into next week? In most cases, no. However, North Carolina native artist and Roc Nation’s own Rapsody, could go toe to toe with the heavy weights of hip-hop, no question and she cultivates music that will be revered now and forever. Her third studio album ‘Eve’ released in August of this year, laced in 16 tracks with features from Leikeli47, D’Angelo, Queen Latifah and more amid production from 9th Wonder, Eric G, Nottz and Khrysis. This is an album dedicated to black women, for black women, about black women but it’s also an album that can be appreciated by all, respected by all. Let’s be honest, most female rappers today are just as naked as their inane lyrics. But Rapsody brings real hip-hop to her music, real bars, real production, real content and it’s that fact that divorces her sound from the modern horde. This iconic album follows her sophomore release ‘Laila’s Wisdom’ which was nominated for ‘Best Rap Album’ at the 2017 Grammy’s. She lost to her comrade Kendrick Lamar but for her album to be nominated is a monumental stride for females in hip-hop. It makes me feel like this generation is beginning to crave real hip-hop instead of the auto-tune soaked, mumble-rap connoisseurs. In this year’s Grammy nominations, however, her album didn’t surface and that my friends is a gross miscarriage of hip-hop justice but real fans of her music will bump this album regardless of its awards or worldwide acclaim. We need artists like Rapsody to keep the pulse of hip-hop alive. Other present-day hip-hop cohorts like Dave East, Nino Man, Chika and Meek Mill give rap music life as well but there aren’t enough women creating gritty, poetic bars. They are out there but they are not as celebrated as their bum-shaking counterparts. In “Nina” she raps, “Emit light rap, or emit Till / I drew a line without showing my body, that's a skill.” It’s not to discredit the females that enjoy rapping about their bodies and their salacious acts because that’s one realm of hip-hop, Rapsody is the other.




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  • Aug 23, 2019


  • Jamla
  • Roc Nation


  • 9th Wonder
  • Khrysis
  • Nottz
  • Eric G
  • Mark Byrd


Eve is the third studio album by American rapper Rapsody, released on August 23, 2019. Each song is named for a famous black woman, including Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Aaliyah. Eve also samples artists like Nina Simone and Herbie Hancock.
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