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From Michigan With Love

Album by Quinn XCII
2019, 12 tracks, 42 mins 26 sec


Mar 11, 2019

The Aging Reggae Fusion Scene Finds A Light To Follow In Quinn XCII’s Latest Album

The other day, my brother & I were engaged in a pretty lengthy conversation about the state of modern Pop music, during which the name Quinn XCII came up as I described to him how peculiar it was that Reggae Fusion & Roots Rock music was still finding footing in today’s industry despite being such anachronistic sounds meant for a niche crowd who barely even show their faces in public anymore. About halfway through the conversation, we suddenly realized he’d been thinking of Charli XCX the entire time, as evidenced by his comments on her recent hit “1999” & the clever visual effects employed to pull off the fantastic music video that accompanied the banger, to which he then said “wait, who the hell is Quinn XCII then & why is his name like that?” As I pulled up the Wikipedia page & read how Quinn prefers his name to be pronounced ‘Quinn 92,’ my brothers eyes glazed over, clearly showing his disdain for the naming convention & this generation’s constant nomenclature trickery with no remorse, followed up by a question as to why today’s artists are so obsessed with weird names in the first place; I mean, first we had the whole //a e s t h e t i c// scene at the beginning of the Synth Pop revolution 6 years ago, then came all the Witch House bands like Glass Teeth & Ritualz who stylized their names as GL▲SS †33†H & †‡† respectively, finally followed by roman numerals & Greek lettering in more than a handful of modern acts like LOOΠΔ – Clearly, not only genres themselves but names are evolving alongside internet culture these days, with younger groups trying everything they possibly can to differentiate themselves in SOME way from the crowd now that the internet has flooded audiences with countless iterations of the same trends over & over. But that got me thinking: If all these name styles coincide with very distinct sonic profiles supported by fans who uphold the lifestyle with an iron fist, does Quinn XCII sound anything like the myriad artists he shares a text-style with? I’d only really heard what his music sounded like through secondhand accounts of fans who enjoy him, so I thought I knew exactly what I’d be getting into by giving him a try, but to my surprise he wasn’t a Dance Pop vixen, a ‘woke’ SoundCloud rapper or a brilliant electronic DJ in the least, rather he’s some kind of Macklemore type I had no interest in consuming whatsoever – Still, for the sake of argument, I dove into his latest album From Michigan With Love to see if I could glean some reason for him to associate with the Roman & Greek lettering lifestyle, finding some pretty surprising results within.




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"From Michigan With Love"


  • Feb 15, 2019


  • R&B