The Wall

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Released in 1979, 25 tracks, 76 min

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Hard RockAvant-Garde


"The Wall"

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"The Wall"

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"The Wall"

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"The Wall"

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"The Wall"

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"The Wall"

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"The Wall"

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"The Wall"


  • Nov 30, 1979


  • Hard Rock
  • Avant-Garde


  • Harvest
  • Columbia


  • Bob Ezrin
  • David Gilmour
  • James Guthrie
  • Roger Waters


  • Britannia Row
  • (Fulham, England)
  • Super Bear Studio
  • Studio Miraval
  • (France)
  • CBS 30th Street Studio
  • (New York)
  • Producers Workshop
  • (Los Angeles)


The Wall is the eleventh studio album by English rock band Pink Floyd, released in 1979 through Harvest and Columbia Records. Conceived during the In The Flesh tour, recording spanned nearly a year, from December 1978 to November 1979, and took place in France, England, New York, and Los Angeles. It was produced by Bob Erzin, who helped to refine the concept and bridge tensions during recording. Some of the outtakes from the recording sessions were used on the band's next album, The Final Cut (1983).
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