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Pretty. Odd.

2008, 16 tracks, 52 mins 59 sec


Apr 26, 2019

Welcome to Pretty Odd is a Portent of Things to Come for Panic! At the Disco

When tickets to Panic! At the Disco’s concert went on sale here in Manila in 2018, they were sold out way before the concert date. What a shocker! I was saddened because I so wanted to see the band, especially that that tour supported songs like “Death of A Bachelor” and “Emperor’s New Clothes”! I panicked and tried to buy from scalpers but their tickets were snapped up pretty quickly as well! So I said to myself ‘Who are these people buying their tickets?’ They weren’t there in 2008 when the band first came here. They weren’t there when the band returned in 2016 as part of a festival concert. ‘Who the fuck are you people buying P!ATD tickets?!’ Panic turned to bewilderment – so much so that I had to ask a friend of mine, who was also a music fan and observer, why the millennials’ sudden interest in the band. He answered in two words. Social media. Apparently, the band has used its social media to market their music and since their lead singer Brendon Urie is such a charismatic lead singer, they introduced their music to a whole new fan base who wasn’t there 10 years ago. His high profile video antics in their last two albums really widened their fan base here in Manila. I have been a fan of the band since their first album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, and when they came here to Manila in 2008 to perform, selling out 20,000 tickets in a few days was not yet something the band could do. To assuage my melancholy I just decided to listen to some of their earlier albums, bringing me back to the good old days when the band was just a secret kept between people who loved alternative indie rock, a label the band was given when they were still starting out. Curiously, it is interesting to note that even the early albums of P!ATD already showed a flamboyance and verve which they have already mastered in most of their songs from their current outputs.

Written by @tonyfabelous from Fabelousity




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"Pretty. Odd."


  • Mar 24, 2008


  • Alternative