Hurts 2B Human


Released in 2019, 13 tracks, 47 min

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"Hurts 2B Human"


You and I know that so many albums have retained number one spot on music charts across the world, some may even occupy the position twice with different albums, but what more can you say about three consecutive albums topping charts like Billboard 200? Alicia Beth Moore might not have the ovation and attention Beyonce Knowles-Carter and her contemporaries enjoy, but this feat deserves some respect you can’t overlook. The last two albums before Hurts 2B Human, “The Truth About Love (2012)”, and “Beautiful Trauma (2017)” enjoyed successive stints on the number one spot of the billboard 200, guess what? ‘Hurts’ is not letting this slide too, which makes it easy to assume that her best is yet to come. With over 90million records sold worldwide, she is ranked as one of the world’s best selling music artistes, and career accolades like Grammy Awards and so many more make her recognized for her good vibes, and energetic live performances. P!nk has always been unique, she has well documented this in her albums; most of her productions have been all about “I don’t care yo, and I’m not trying to fit in”. She’s being in the game for over two decades, but her pop fusion can be strongly linked with outsiders and rebels, unlike her contemporary pop stars. – Weird or Awkward? Whichever way you call it is probably right! Because if you have to talk about her genre – pop – it isn’t something you would call alternative music, but Pink has strangely balanced these worlds over the years. She has never tried to be the coolest songwriter or musician, you could tell from her emotional rawness, humor and communicable dance beats, but she's shown us herself which is aptly enough. Pink is simply a badass, and a pure one at that, but Hurts 2B Human is rather a reflection of her vulnerable and careful self, it is sad and loaded with past regrets, yet, the album still found its way to the top. Her albums engender deep songs that are impeccably flouting industry style, laced with attitude and a seeming genre rebellion. It is safe to say that her achievements have fallen short of deserved recognition, which is quite SHOCKING! She hardly gets mentioned in conversations about great musicians in her era, and most importantly among her pops folks. Some people may argue that she can out-crazy Lady Gaga, and out-sing most of these pop artistes because she is a total pop-star package, but somehow, she is oddly off the radar, probably a price for breaking borders. If you knew about how “Beautiful Trauma“ broke best sales figures in 2017, and how Hurts 2B Human is topping 9 different charts now, coupled with her strings of electrifying performances, then you would surely understand why so many people love her unique career path. You may not grade her as your favorite while some may not even know her, but so many people consider her their icon.

Written by @OlajideTV from Olajide TV
May 24, 2019

Sad, Beautiful And Brave

P!nk is known for not holding back on how she feels. Through her refreshing punk approach, she has carved out her own section in the pop genre. She is unique, refreshing, artistic and badass. And true to form, she takes us on a trip through her personal highs and lows through her catalogue of song. Her latest offering, Hurts 2B Human, is a vulnerable introspective look into P!nk’s soul. There is no other way to say this - the album is sad. Luckily she does sad well. My favourite P!nk song is a hidden gem from her 2008 Funhouse album called “I Don’t Believe You.” While listening to Hurts 2B Human I was instantly reminded of the raw and beautiful emotion that she offered on this earlier album. Back in 2008, P!nk was going through a very public separation for her then (and now) husband Carey Hart. Who knows what is going on to inspire this recent collection of songs. I won’t lie, I would have liked a bit more balance of party anthems sprinkled with a sprinkling of sad songs. But P!nk is an artist - and this is what she needs to put out into the universe at the moment - so I respect that. Besides a bunch of melancholy melodies that I’ll get to shortly, there are a few more upbeat songs on the album. “Hustle” is the first track on the record - and while I like it’s swing quality and badass attitude, it doesn’t seem to have a place among the rest of the songs, especially as the introduction to the rest of the album. It almost seems like false advertising for what is to come. Contrastingly, “Can We Pretend (feat. Cash Cash)” has a classic P!nk sound with a danceable track. It’s cute and humble and exactly what I want to hear from her. “Courage” is a simple and repetitive anthem about bringing about personal change in your life. Introspective and musically, the song builds to a powerful end. Now for the sad songs. I swear if you made a playlist of some of the deeper material on this album, you would have an epic line-up for a folk-fest. At times I thought a song would have been perfect as a duet with Brandi Carlisle. Next, I began to wonder if another song was produced by Mumford & Sons. Then back to a thoughtfully somber song that you would expect from Jann Arden. Regardless of the musicality, P!nk’s voice is always stunning. She has a clear yet raw quality when she sings - which makes her sad songs border on pretty. It makes the music easier to digest and take in. The last time I saw P!nk in concert, the arena was filled with (mostly) women and girls who were empowered and ready to rock out. They were there to channel their inner P!nk and rebel. They knew every lyric to “Raise Your Glass,” “So What,” and “U + Ur Hand.” As I listen to this album, I can’t help but think it’s a big departure from her past brassier anthems. Yes - it does fit better with the stylings of her Beautiful Trauma album - but how will all this translate in a 2-hour performance? If I were P!nk, I’d announce a stripped down acoustic promo tour that highlights her voice and performance skills. She has the vocal chops to pull it off…otherwise, I think if she mixes her full catalogue with new material, her concert will be more like a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Overall, I enjoyed listening to the album. It was definitely an album that continues P!nk’s story. It was filled with her characteristic charm and personality and vulnerability. P!nk is the first to remind us that she is just like us. Just another human who hurts and feels too much. After the first listen through, I saved a few of the songs…not that I was instantly in love with them but knowing that they will grow on/with me. Like all music, there is a time for every mood. Perhaps it’s because P!nk’s music has a timeless quality to it. You’ll have your music on shuffle and one of her classic songs will come and perfectly fit that moment in your life. Hurts 2B Human is deeply personal and I feel like these songs will be just as compelling in a decade as they are right now. And although I don’t need a collection of sad songs at my fingertips right now, there will come a day that I know this music will become my beautiful soundtrack.

Written by @spoiledsplendid
May 10, 2019

Hurts 2B Human, Do You Say It Because You’re 40 P!nk?

Normally people say that there is an existential crisis at 40, others say it is at 30 or 50 or 60 ... anyway. I think that at different moments of our lives we all go through crises that sometimes leave us frozen, make us feel melancholic and almost always cause us to repent for what was done wrong and for what was not done. It is common that we call ourselves cowards and that we reproach ourselves for everything that we believe was wrong in the past. However, everything that has happened in our life, the good, the bad and the trivial, is part of our growth as a person and is, precisely, what we are, for better or for worse. Interestingly, part of these crises is also the feeling that all past time was better, paradoxical do not you think? Listening to P!nk's album, Hurts 2B Human, I find many elements of which I have mentioned. The singer is in her forties and maybe because of it and, because she knows very well what many of her followers; who share age with her surely, are thinking, living and feeling right now. If we add to that the difficulties of the new reality that we are living (suffering?) in the world, several songs on the album make sense for many who have heard it, but not so much for those who criticize their music. And it's not that people of other ages can not hear it and feel identified with the lyrics; on the contrary, and as I mentioned at the beginning, we all go through moments in our lives in which, in one way or another, we seriously question what we have been doing in our lives so far. But, to be honest, if you've never liked P!nk´s style in the last few years, you'd better stay away from its new release, it is exactly the same as in previous occasions. Now, if you are her number 1 fan, embrace this record and listen to it as many times as you want because you will love it, since it is the same musical medicine that P!nk has been giving you for a long time. In Hurts 2B Human we can listen to an artist who wants to return to the past, who breaks before reality and who, despite everything, wants to hold on to someone to keep walking, wants to dance, wants to be happy and at the same time, knows that everything could be a simulation.

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio
May 10, 2019

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"Hurts 2B Human"



  • Apr 26, 2019


  • Pop

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