The Dirt Soundtrack

AlbumbyMötley Crüe

Released in 2019, 12 tracks, 68 min

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Hard RockHeavy Metal


"The Dirt Soundtrack"

Motley Crue releases the soundtrack album of their biographical film “The Dirt”

The American biographical comedy-drama film ‘The Dirt’ that is directed by Jeff Tremaine was released in March 2019. The American heavy metal band came out with the soundtrack album of the film called The Dirt Soundtrack also in the same month through Motley Records and Eleven Seven Records, which was produced by Dave Donnelly and Bob Rock. This was inspired from their autobiography ‘The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band’ which they published in 2001 along with the American journalist and writer Neil Strauss. There is a total of eighteen tracks in the album, however, many other songs were featured in the film but not included in the soundtrack. However, some of the tracks which were included do not seem to appear in the film. It includes “The Dirt (Est. 1981)” that features the American rapper Machine Gun Kelly, “Ride with the Devil”, “Crash and Burn” and a cover of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”. Inclusion of hits from their previous albums can also be seen, mostly from albums like “Too Fast For Love”, “Shout at the Devil” and “Girls, Girls, Girls.” The soundtrack album received decent ratings from various professional music critics. It received a rating of 3.5 out of 5 on AllMusic and 4 on Spill. Gareth Williams from Wall of Sound rated the album 7 out of 10. The album was featured in many music charts in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Europe, and it reached the tenth position on US Billboard 200 chart, the highest position any Motley Crue’s album has reached in more than a decade since their album Saints of Los Angeles debuted at the fourth position in 2008.

Written by @Soulbyweekly from SoulByweekly
Jun 07, 2019

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"The Dirt Soundtrack"

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"The Dirt Soundtrack"

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"The Dirt Soundtrack"

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"The Dirt Soundtrack"

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"The Dirt Soundtrack"

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"The Dirt Soundtrack"

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"The Dirt Soundtrack"


  • Mar 22, 2019


  • Hard Rock
  • Heavy Metal

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"Mötley Crüe"

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