Bangerz (Deluxe Version)

AlbumbyMiley Cyrus

Released in 2013, 16 tracks, 59 min

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Dance-PopPopTeen Pop


"Bangerz (Deluxe Version)"

Miley Cyrus Finally Won Me Over, Sentimentally of Course

As at some 7-8 years ago, if anyone had told me I would ever like Miley Cyrus or her music, I would have argued it. Although it wasn't like I loathed her or anything of such, I was just indifferent about her persona and her music generally. This was due to the fact that I already had an image of her that I created in my head that wouldn't make me like her. All these were set to change in the year 2013, when I stumbled on a movie titled "So Undercover" which she starred in, where she acted as an undercover agent and I actually liked how she portrayed the role she played in the movie, this gave me reasons to be open minded with her. Fortunately, that was the year she released her fourth studio album, which she titled Bangerz. The day I finally got the album, I was just done with slotting the Disc in to the player when I heard a knock at my apartment door. I quickly clicked on play and in turn, mistakenly clicked on the repeat button because I wanted to get the door. When I opened the door, it was a female friend that was there, with tears all over her face. "He broke up with me. He has left me." She said amidst the tears and I pulled her into my arms, hoping to comfort her but this even made it worse as the tears became louder and more uncontrollable, I finally got her to calm down after much persuasion. All that while, she was in my arms, sobbing quietly as the first track off the album played repeatedly. The song title I later found out to be "Adore", was coincidentally, the perfect song for the mood at that very time. We stood there, holding each other for almost half an hour. We later loosened the embrace, I then laid on the bed and beckoned on her to come lay her head on my chest as I held her in comfort. I knew better not to ask the details of what really transpired between her and her now ex-boyfriend because that would only trigger another round of tears and wet nostrils alongside sniffles. We just remained in that position and listened to the song repeatedly. With every listen, the song became even more suitable for the mood. That song "Adore" successfully changed my perception of Miley Cyrus, I went from being someone that was indifferent about her to being one of her biggest fans and "Adore" became my favourite song from her and the album, even before I got to listen to the other tracks on the album. I later found out from the girl that she also fell in love with the song and the artiste after that day. She said it became her go to song whenever she wanted to relive the memories of the relationship with that guy that broke her heart. Up until few months ago, I still teased her by sending the song to her through WhatsApp and as intended, it brought back memories for her. Bangerz debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 having a total first-week sales of 270,000 copies and was the third-highest opening week sales for a female artist in the year 2013 coming just behind Beyoncé's Beyoncé album and Katy Perry's Prism. The album also won Miley Cyrus her first Grammy Awards nominations and it was in the Best Pop Vocal Album category.

Written by @OBP from Omobaba Pension
Jun 14, 2019

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"Bangerz (Deluxe Version)"

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"Bangerz (Deluxe Version)"

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"Bangerz (Deluxe Version)"

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"Bangerz (Deluxe Version)"

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"Bangerz (Deluxe Version)"

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"Bangerz (Deluxe Version)"

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"Bangerz (Deluxe Version)"


  • Oct 04, 2013


  • Dance-Pop
  • Pop
  • Teen Pop

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