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Album by Migos
2017, 13 tracks, 56 mins 18 sec


Apr 26, 2019

Migos Deliver Album of The Year Material In Culture

What an album! I sat down for 59mins and decided to take an in an album that was nominated for Rap Album of The Year by Grammy that held in 2018 at Madison Square New York, hosted by James Corden who is also the host of the Late Late Show with James Corden. Stood side by side with Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN., Rapsody’s Laila’s Wisdom, Tyler, the Creator’s Flower Boy, and Jay Z’s 4:44, but unfortunately lost to Kendrick Lamar, it was a sad day for the Migos. Well, what’s my take on the Album? Well it reminds me of the time I took all my time to woo a girl when I was 16. I had just finished Secondary School (equivalent to High School) then. What a very beautiful girl, she was so pretty without makeup she turned heads when she passed. She was 14 then, her parents were bankers and were well positioned in the middle-class, sought of Bourgeois in nature, black (not dark) skin that glowed in the sunlight. I was on the negative end of the Middle-Class, I lacked the physique to impress her, and so I had to rely on my actions to win her heart. Anyways, it was Valentine’s Day was coming up, saved up money, and squeezed some off my parents and siblings and menial jobs, bought her a teddy bear, box of chocolates, a bottle of wine (non-alcoholic) and I made her a CD; this was a period when internet was luxury (still is) and music distribution has just still trying to walk its way on the net. So I had to buy CDs, just to get one track, wait on Sundays to record songs off the radio so I can add them to the playlist I was compiling for her. Well, it was all ready, met at a mutual friend’s place, served as neutral ground for both of us. We hugged, then headed out for lunch at an eatery; walked for about 15mins, all talks and smiles as we made our way down there. She had chicken and fries with Ice Cream, while I had a meat pie and had Ice Cream as well. We talked about a lot. She told me about her parent’s plan to ship her off to UK for her University education once she’s completed her Secondary School Education. I told her about my plans to head to a University to study Biochemistry, hopefully get a job at the Nigeria Brewery (NB) PLC. We basically talked about everything save for my feelings her and hers for me. Anyways, we held hands while we walked backed to the neutral ground, belly full and lips still somewhat oily. This time, the return trip was about 30mins, well reason ranging from juvenile love filled with quite an amount of Public Display of Affections; she initiated them, which showed she was experienced in such, I played along because, oh well, the girl that was not in my league wanted to. We finally made it back to the neutral ground (mutual friend’s place) shared a kiss, gave her my gift, it lit her eyes up light stars in a dark night, gave me a peck and quite a tight squeeze. The following week, they moved away and I never saw her again. Well, she’s married now, runs an Event Planning company, and from the looks of her timeline, she’s good at what she does; did I forget to mention she has a Masters in that field as well? Well she does. We just reconnected via Instagram, yet to say a word to each other though, but we just keep liking each other’s posts and the occasional stalking. Oh Damn! I digress. Back to the album, well its trash. Wasted 59mins of my time listening to something that doesn’t even qualify for Nursery Rhymes in the realm of Literature and Poetry, and that is what rap is all about. It’s meant to be intellectual, emotional, smart and concise. This album wasn’t any of those and it’s shameful it got nominated. Here are some words or phrases you will find on every track on the album; Bad Bitches, Wrist, Ice, Chains, skrt, yeah, and repetition of the last word in a line for the most part. The Album was like the story in this article; an utter waste of time.

Written by @OBP from Omobaba Pension




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  • Jan 27, 2017


  • Hip-Hop


Culture is the second studio album by American hip hop trio Migos. It was released on January 27, 2017, through Quality Control Music and YRN Tha Label, and distributed by 300 Entertainment. The album features guest appearances from DJ Khaled, Lil Uzi Vert, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz and Travis Scott, while the production was handled by Metro Boomin and Murda Beatz, among others.
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