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2019, 13 tracks, 47 mins 19 sec


Oct 25, 2019

A World With Pastel Tones And Sweet Flavors Faces Adolescence.

They say that the sweet taste is the favorite of many (I include myself), especially the little ones love it. Flavors that make you smile, fix any anger or make the hunger appear out of nowhere. But apparently and to our misfortune, everything that is good in excess can be impaired or even harmful. Is this what happened to Melanie Martinez with the release of her second album, K-12? Let's get in position: this New Yorker appeared on the American program The Voice in 2012, standing out for a peculiar style and presence on stage. With the seventh remaining, few expected that her departure from the program held something much bigger for her. She took a long break to compose and in 2015 she released her outstanding pop debut Cry Baby. During those three years, Martinez did not just focus on creating an album, but a whole universe around it and herself. A children's world of sweets, cakes and candies, all tinged with pastel tones and soft versions of the primaries. Costumes, makeup, visuals, everything accompanied a work fully studied, but that was spontaneous and fresh. The most tender innocence was united with the macabre and sinister to talk about social issues such as bullying, imbalanced families or mental health. The response of the world was lukewarm, but we were facing one of the most powerful growers of this decade. A year after its release, it was gaining popularity, until today becoming one of the albums with more gold and platinum certifications thanks, above all, to streaming. Already here we could see a great sample of the importance that Melanie gives to the visual part of her music. Virtually each song had its own video, some of which were spinning to forge a childish and sinister story for older children. After four years of waiting, and with great curiosity to know how this unusual artist could evolve, Melanie has returned in style. If with Cry Baby she offered a delicious cookie to the world, now she offers a delicious and huge cake. K-12 is presented ambitiously and with that false innocence brand of the house. Apart from the songs that make up the project, we find, nothing more and nothing less, than an hour and a half movie where we are shown a teenage story. Thanks to this, Melanie has been able to share with us her world and unique vision, which is taken care of to the millimeter and full of children and just meanings. A film shot in Budapest, in which the singer has worked for almost four years, putting heart and soul, and taking care of the direction, production, costumes, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, demonstrating that besides being a good singer, she is a privileged mind. Joining her childish world, with an aesthetic of Marie Antoinette of Coppola and the problems of American teenagers, Melanie has created a bomb (of chocolate) that elevates this project to a small and sweet wonder. This is why the album and “video clip” should be holding hands at all times (and this is something worse than good) as the misunderstood friends of the class, never separate. They only have each other.

Written by @FerSP from Fernando Sempere




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  • Sep 06, 2019


  • Atlantic


  • Michael Keenan
  • Kinetics & One Love


K-12 (pronounced "K through 12") is the upcoming second studio album by American singer Melanie Martinez. It is her first studio album in four years and is scheduled to be released with an accompanying film on September 6, 2019, through Atlantic Records.
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