Thank You

AlbumbyMeghan Trainor

Released in 2016, 12 tracks, 42 min

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"Thank You"

Pop Media Allowed Meghan Trainor To Become A Monster On Her Album Thank You

When it comes to Meghan Trainor’s so-called ‘follow-up’ record Thank You, it’s nearly impossible to describe it as anything but derivative garbage in comparison to what her contemporaries were producing around the same time in 2016, not only delivering what is arguably her most problematic album yet but one of the industry’s largest steps backward in terms of integrity, a half-hearted cash-in on industry trends that made previous Caucasian Pop appropriators like Taylor Swift look like absolute angels in hindsight; There’s no need to fake it, this is simply a bad album from tip to toe – As someone who has a soft spot for truly-inspired Pop music & whose classical training in music theory can acknowledge melodic skill when it’s present, I’ve no qualms with dragging this record through the mud as it represents everything wrong with mainstream media, going to great lengths to shamelessly adopt current trends without putting in the effort to deliver a cohesive musical journey you can actually get behind, essentially giving those still stuck in the eighties-era mindset of ‘what’s Black is mine’ a reason to continue feigning ignorance for little more than a quick buck. Thank You was initially presented as somewhat of a transformative career move for Trainor, pushing her sound even harder into the whole ‘I’m an infallible goddess’ aesthetic with a blatant display of fake-feminism only the most uneducated listener could possibly stomach, putting a heavy strain on the progress other more-effective female artists had made towards gender-equality & doing so in the name of self-centered stardom, making everyone within earshot a party to the downfall of Pop music’s integrity.

Mar 04, 2019

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"Thank You"

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"Thank You"

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"Thank You"

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"Thank You"

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"Thank You"

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"Thank You"


  • May 13, 2016


  • R&B

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