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2019, 14 tracks, 40 mins 17 sec


Jun 14, 2019

Megan Thee Stallion Is Thee Hot Girl For Thee People.

The world is going to shit but honestly, things are pretty good. I know we see problems everywhere and anywhere but there’s still a lot of progress being made, we just need reminders. For example, really dope that we have so many female rappers these days. Back when I was a child all we really had was Lil Kim, Foxy Brown And Da Brat, and they really didn’t make me feel “objectified”. Lil Kim made me feel like she’d fuck me, Foxy made me feel like she’d rob me, and Da Brat...well Da Brat clearly wanted nothing to do with me. They were all great in their own respects but they didn’t give me that energy. I blame this mostly on misogyny as dudes weren’t ready to hear a woman talk so frankly about what they want or need from a nigga. However these new female artists have no qualms with making a nigga feel like he isn’t worth a damn. Now there’s naturally some pushback because men aren’t used to being put in a vulnerable position, however I can personally say it’s pretty exciting to finally be properly objectified in music. I’m used to rappers threatening my life, my relationship or my community, so listening to a female rapper talk about how she’ll fuck me and leave is exciting. With that said, Megan Thee Stallion makes me feel objectified as shit. She’s taller than me, richer than me, and I’m like 80 percent sure she’d stare a hole through my head with ease. Every time I hear her rap my wallet starts burning cuz I want to give her everything I own. (I really hope my mom doesn’t see this because she will be very disappointed). Megan is dope and deserves the world. A part of me is worried that white women are going to discover her ruin the fun as they’re apt to do. What keeps me from fully being scared of this happening is that I’m pretty sure Megan doesn’t allow white women to touch her, so she should be ok. Megan Thee Stallion is gonna be a star plain and simple, I just don’t know when that’s going to happen. When things are inevitable they happen at their own pace no matter how much you try to control it. The best thing you can do is relax and keep pushing forward. With that, let’s get into her new mixtape: “Fever”




Album Info



  • May 16, 2019


  • 300
  • 1501 Certified Ent.


  • DJ Chose
  • DJ WillAye
  • Juicy J
  • KC Supreme
  • Koncept P
  • LilJuMadeDaBeat
  • Project Pat
  • Prolivik Beeats
  • Suede
  • Supah Mario


Fever is the debut studio album by American rapper Megan Thee Stallion. It was released via 300 Entertainment on May 17, 2019, and features 14 tracks. The album includes the single "Sex Talk", as well as the songs "Shake That" and "Money Good".
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