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Yourself or Someone Like You

1996, 12 tracks, 46 mins 52 sec


Feb 25, 2019

Just Like A Fine Wine, With Age Comes Respect For Matchbox Twenty’s Debut Album

I don’t know if I’m just lowering my musical standards as I progress in age, now at the point where I’m pushing thirty, but something very strange & unnerving has started to happen in the last few years of my life that I’m not necessarily comfortable with: I’m suddenly finding myself enjoying bands & even entire genres I would’ve otherwise made fun of back when they were popular, flipping my auditory world upside-down – Since about 2016, I’ve been making an effort to expand my musical horizons a bit to liven things up by revisiting the Country, Teen Pop, Eurodance, Latin Pop & Soft Rock that ruled the airwaves in my adolescence, attempting to keep an open mind to the sort of stuff my younger Punk persona would’ve vehemently criticized for their lack of originality back in the day. The peculiar thing is, instead of listening to this music ‘ironically’ for a quick laugh, I’ve actually adopted these mainstream artists into my weekly rotation with a newfound respect for their music, flying through records from Kenny Chesney, Jewel, Alanis Morissette & previously despised groups like Tool or Metallica with joy, losing myself in their surprisingly-competent arrangements & getting their songs stuck in my head for weeks; Hell, I’ve even developed a soft spot for Josh Groban thanks to his consistently-stellar sonic fidelity & admittedly uplifting narratives, thrusting me into somewhat of an existential crisis as I come to terms with my acceptance of popular media – Well, another leg of this journey has proven fruitful as I started exploring the Alternative Rock & Post-Grunge realms my older brother always told me were lame when I was a kid, endeavouring to find the silver-lining of bands like Matchbox Twenty in their debut album Yourself Or Someone Like You to see if I was simply a misguided child jumping on the bandwagon of hate or if I had reason to doubt their success & I’ve gotta tell you, I was way out of line with how I treated fans of this group way back when. I’m still not necessarily an outright fan of this particular style yet, but I’m noticing the technical skill & cultural effects this album had on the industry back in the nineties & it’s astoundingly entertaining, to say the least.




Album Info

"Yourself or Someone Like You"


  • Oct 01, 1996


  • Alternative/Indie Rock


Yourself or Someone Like You is the debut studio album by American rock band Matchbox 20, released in 1996. The album features a sound similar to traditional rock and post-grunge. The album features themes of adolescence, loneliness, psychological abuse, humiliation, depression, anger, and alcoholism.
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