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Every Great Motown Hit of Marvin Gaye

Album by Marvin Gaye
1983, 17 tracks, 58 mins 41 sec


Mar 11, 2019

Oh The Memories, As I Glean My Favorites From Best of ‘Every Great Motown Hit Of Marvin Gaye’

With a title like Every Great Motown Hit Of Marvin Gaye, that shit better be true, the devil on my shoulder says, but the angel’s voice of reason counters that this particular record was put out in 1983, and since then, we have had an even longer time and even more generations discover the various aspects of the Marvin Gaye songbook, making determinations of their own on what are his greatest Motown hits. Personally, my greatest hits are not so much the earliest or earliest material, a period which starts with album How Sweet It Is to Be Loved By You and seems to end with the Tammie Terrell duets. No, for me, it all really begins with the pivotal progressive Soul album What’s Going On, given to me by me father when I was 14 or 15, which was the biggest trip of all, because my Dad, even though he is a working musician and performer, never really gave me albums growing up, which I suppose could be surprising. I’m a film buff, and I expect to hip my kids to all the dopest cinema, but I also understand – when you work in music, the last thing you’re thinking is propagating that music. What’s Going On blew my mind, and it’s exceptional music is represented on Every Great Motown Hit Of Marvin Gaye with the tracks “What’s Goin On”, “Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler), and “Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology).” That is the start of my real involvement with Marvin Gaye, and then I would dive deeper with the exceptional albums I Want You and Let’s Get It On. Fun fact – I don’t ever listen to the song “Let’s Get It On.” I have always felt that it was overly commercial and, with respect, an old folks versions of something sexy. It will be more than hilarious when my grand children turn up their face at the sexy sounds of a Prince ballad that I drop for them, saying that it is an ‘old folks’ version of something sexy – but I’ll have to cross that bridge when I get there. This current compilation album starts with the sixties stuff that I have mostly ignored, travels through the seventies, and mostly ends with the dynamite tracks on album Let’s Get It On, which is just as well, because by time of the album Midnight Love, separating the meat from the fat on such an album was an ordeal. Therefore, I would offer that this is a pretty good best of.

Written by @taylor




Album Info

"Every Great Motown Hit of Marvin Gaye"


  • Aug 22, 1983


  • R&B